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BMW 240i

Yas is well known to us from his Ford Fiesta ST days, He has now moved on wards and upwards to a stunning BMW M240i. The car came into us running a custom cat back system along with a beautiful looking B58 Eventuri Intake System.

In the search for a bit more power from his B58 engine, we advised that we supply and fit a Burger Motorsport JB4 kit. We loaded the car on to our in house dyna pack hub dyno before performing 3 stock base runs. This provided us with a consistent 321whp and 372lbft.

With the base runs completed we installed the Burger Motorsport B58 JB4 with Rev.3 Bluetooth add on updated the device with the latest firmware talking Yas through all the steps.

With the JB4 updated we ran the car in Map 1 \ 2 & 5 testing and logging data each run. The best results were achieved with the vehicle running Map 5 where it produced 376whp and 416lbft.

Next on the list for Yas is a decat an EWG loom and a custom Map 6 tune.

Dyno result – Stock VS JB4 Map 5

BMW Comparison

BMW 240i Tuning

BMW M240i Engine

BMW M240i Tuning



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