Ryan | Ford Fiesta ST PERON Stage 1+ Kit

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Ford Fiesta ST

Ryan's Ford Fiesta ST running an AET Motorsport developed PERON P2XX Stage 1 + kit with a Turbosmart BOV and ITG Maxogen intake system.

Ryan's Ford Fiesta ST came in to us for a Stage 1 + kit and Turbosmart BOV fitting, along with replacing his Ramair induction kit that was giving him a few niggles. We diagnosed the problem down to the Ramair filter due to its design. So to cure that we have suggested fitted the tried and tested ITG Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T Maxogen PRO (CAIS) Intake System, designed to work with the PERON performance packages.

As part of the PERON range we perform a dyno run to prove what the kit is capable of. So we hooked his Ford Fiesta ST up to our in house Dyno and performed a few runs, where it made great power and sounded fantastic.

Fiesta ST

Fiesta ST

Fiesta ST

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