Jamie_FYD | Hamann BMW X6

Posted by Ant Pearson on

YouTube Vlogger Jamie_FYD came to see us at AET Motorsport.

We rented Blyton Park for Jamie to review our Fiesta Race car, but unfortunately this didnt work out due to a gearbox failure, So we sent him out with Ant in our VUDU Stage 2 developed M135i running 428bhp and 480lbft. 

When we returned to the workshop the day after, Jamie went out and reviewed our MK7 and new MK8 demo vehicles.

Before Jamie left we managed to his Hamann styled BMW X6 on the dyno and remapped it to see what we could get out of it. 

Check out a few of the videos below.


  • Hamann Styled X6
  • 3.0ltr Diesel - VUDU remap ( 433lbft - 254whp ( 304bhp )
  • Monster Wraps custom camo wrap





 Check out the video where we mapped Jamie_FYD's BMW 3.0ltr X6



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