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From 2012-2014, the AET Motorsport team spent time working on a truly remarkable vehicle, fitted with an advanced anti-lag combustion system that delivered unrivalled performance and responsiveness…

Nicknamed ‘The Rocket’, it’s an immaculate, one-of-a-kind, street legal 2007 Subaru Impreza STi Spec C, fitted with the same leading-edge Zero-lag turbo system found on the Prodrive built Subaru World Rally Team Cars.

An external combustion system unlike any other, the Rocket zero-lag system is custom-fabricated from an advanced Inconel superalloy and designed to completely eliminate turbo-lag, providing an instant boost.

IHI RX6 Turbocharger and Induction System

A WRC Spec turbo system designed to give The Rocket some serious oomph.

Hyperflow intercooler and pipework

A high-performance front-mounted intercooler, chosen for its exceptional heat dissipation and efficiency plus its black colour complements the vehicle and keeps it looking low profile.

Pectel S6 ECU

Most ordinary ECUs simply couldn’t control the rocket, so it’s fitted with a high-end ECU, complete with four selectable maps that can be switched on the fly through a calibration pot inside the cabin.

Milltek Exhaust

A high-performance exhaust system with resonated De-Cat Front Pipe.



All this kit combines to help this street-legal Impreza produce an impressive 330BHP. Whilst this might seem like just the kind of system and car we’d build at AET Motorsport – we can’t take credit for it!

The unique Rocket anti-lag system was developed and built by Ben Hoyle, a former Senior Engine Development Engineer at The Subaru World Rally Team and Principal F1 Calibration Engineer at Cosworth. Ben then fitted the system to the Spec C and heavily customised it to demonstrate the performance and potential of The Rocket system.

At AET, we came across the vehicle in 2012, and we were so impressed with the anti-lag technology that we purchased the car for our R&D team to tinker with.
The Rocket Project was a research, development and hands-on testing exercise – designed to help our team increase their knowledge by learning as much as they could about the unique zero-lag technology and how it works.

As part of this process, we reverse-engineered the system, and created a fully-itemised catalogue of the parts, so that in the future, we can design and develop our own, in-house zero-lag system, based on similar design principles.

For further reading on the ‘Rocket’ see Eric Hsu’s article on



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