Which Exhaust System Sounds Best?

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Purchasing a new exhaust system is always a difficult choice due to the big name exhaust brands available on the tuning market.

At AET Motorsport, we are often asked which exhaust system would be the best suited for our customers vehicle. In this Exhaust System Buying Guide we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to determine which exhaust system is best tailored for your driving needs.

Cobra Sport Exhaust Systems

Cobra Sport are a family run business based in Sheffield who specialize in the construction of stainless steel, performance enhancing exhaust systems. Capable of transforming the looks, sound and general drive quality of a wide range of Make & Models, a Cobra Sport exhaust system boasts premium power enhancements along with a deep exhaust tone and an outstanding new rear view design.

Designed to maximize air flow through the exhaust, the mandrel bent stainless steel provides a less restrictive exhaust system which in turn allows for a far greater engine response. Gains of course can vary from engine to engine but an increase of 10% is often expected from a Cobra exhaust.

As you can hear from the YouTube clip below, the Cobra Sport Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust System produces a unique and deep sounding exhaust tone on the BMW M140i:

Cobra Sport have resonated and non-resonated exhaust systems available, their resonated systems offer a subtle yet sporty tone whereas the non-resonated system will provide you with a much stronger noise. If you want to go one step further, the Cobra Sport Venom range will provide your car with a truly deafening noise.

We recommend a Cobra Sport exhaust system for tuning enthusiasts in search for that nice and loud exhaust tone.

Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems

Milltek Sport are quickly approaching four decades of continuous exhaust development. Hand finished in the UK by Milltek's very own expert craftsmen, each Milltek exhaust is produced in aerospace grade type 304 stainless steel to enhance the longevity and durability of each system. The carefully constructed mandrel bent pipes allow for an optimized amount of gas flow to pass through the exhaust system. This ensures your vehicle is achieving the peak performance gains without the loss torque.

Producing a crisp exhaust tone, it is Milltek Sport’s mission to find that perfect balance between performance gains while maintaining a responsible noise level. Milltek Sport don’t produce ­­­the “boy-racer” style exhaust, their exhaust systems are designed to appeal to car enthusiasts of all levels. However, non-resonated exhaust systems are available for those in need of a little extra noise.

Listen to the crisp exhaust tone of the Milltek Sport Exhaust System on the Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 in the YouTube clip below:

Noticeable power gains provide your vehicle with a genuine performance edge, but similarly to Cobra Sport, these power gains will vary from vehicle to vehicle with 8-10% expected.

We recommend a Milltek Sport exhaust for tuning enthusiasts after a raspier exhaust tone as you move through the rev range.

Scorpion Exhaust Systems

Scorpion Exhausts have become particularly popular with tuning and car enthusiasts alike due to the tangible gains in both performance and reliability. Showcasing premium design and construction qualities, Scorpion Exhausts are manufactured in the UK using only the finest stainless-steel material.

With a Scorpion Exhaust system, your vehicle will produce a lighter noise to that of a Cobra Sport exhaust. Like Cobra and Milltek, gains of around 5-10% can be expected but of course this will vary depending on the age and condition of your vehicle.

You can listen to the premium exhaust tone of the Scorpion Exhausts Cat Back System on the Volkswagen Polo GTI in the YouTube clip below:

Scorpion Exhausts are available as resonated and non-resonated exhaust system. The resonated system includes a centre silencer so will only be a fraction louder than the stock exhaust whereas the non-resonated system doesn’t include the centre silencer so will be significantly louder.

We recommend a Scorpion Exhaust System for those in need of a mid-range option between Cobra and Milltek.

In terms of build quality and performance gains there is not much to choose from between these three exhaust systems. The key difference is in the sound of the exhaust, with each system producing its own unique exhaust tone.

Learn more about the different Exhaust systems from VUDU Garage below:

Which exhaust system stands out for you? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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    I have a BMW 120i F20 LCI 2018 i want to buy an akrapovic exhaust but there is none for this model is possible to adjust the M140i exhaust on my veicle?

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