Stage 1 ECU Remaps Explained

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What is stage 1 remapping? This is a question we are asked regularly when it comes to car tuning enquiries. Understanding the fundamental stages of remapping means you can make a conscious decision on how far to take your tuning goals, couple this with hardware such as an induction kit, sports cat, and intercooler.

Stage 1 Remapping

As a common petrol head, it is naturally to want a better driving experience. From any of your modern cars this is where car remapping exploded onto the scene. Tuning companies sprouting up all over the world, offering ECU "Engine Control Units" software to further improve power and fuel consumption along with optional extras such as pops and bangs, cold start delete and so on.

How do we achieve increased power from engine remapping and what relevance is a stage 1 over a stage 2 remap or even a stage 3?

Stage 1 Remapping

The stage 1 ECU tune is designed specifically for a completely stock car, keeping ignition timing and boost levels at a point to not cause too much heat and load on the engine, no matter where you are in the rev range. It is possible to run a stage 1 ECU software with some additional hardware, such as a cat back exhaust, upgraded air filer or upgraded engine mount.

VW Stage 1 Remap

Whilst it is important to give a power increase from your remap, it is also possible to find some fuel economy when returning to a natural driving pattern.

As a part of a stage 1 remap, all the standard catalytic converter calibrations are usually left in place and if done on diesel engines the dpf regen is also usually left in standard place. It is only possible to run a stage 2 remap if the car has the right hardware such as a dpf delete on diesel vehicles or sports cat down pipe and other supporting modifications on the petrol.

Will A Remap to Stage 1 Damage My Car?

We cannot comment on all ECU software, but we can use VUDU Performance as an example. Providing you use a market leading ECU software developer; you are extremely unlikely to damage your car with a remap. You should be able to enjoy the increased performance and extra fun factor that you have paid for.

Knock control should be kept at a sensible level which allows you to run various levels of fuel depending on availability. We guarantee better performance and stronger results from your cars remap if you fill up with the higher standard of fuel whether that be; Shell V-power or Tesco 99 high octane fuel.

Stage 2 Remap Software:

If you are looking to take your car to the next level, you will need to invest in upgraded tuning hardware with air filter upgrades, intercoolers and in most cases a cat back exhaust before being able to run the higher-powered software.

Seat Remapping

It is worth looking at manufacturers such as Racingline Performance for an R600 intake kit and Milltek Performance have some outstanding exhaust systems for that perfect, crisp tone. VUDU performance provide the goods when it comes to the remap software for both ECU and amazing TCU remaps.

For more information on the remapping stages its worth reading our more detailed blog here.

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