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Audi S3 8V And Golf R Stage 1 Remap Software Explained.

If you're one of the lucky owners that have managed to avoid the current COVID-19 pandemic used car tax and acquire one of these stunning 4wd hot hatch monsters, then hats off.

With a sharp rise in used car prices, due to microchips and other specialist parts becoming unavailable, many of us are left hanging in anticipation for the pricing bubble to burst so we can go out and grab one of the MQB platform cars sporting the EA888 Gen engines.


Now onto the good stuff. You've owned your German-made stead for several months, you've made the most of it over lockdown, and all of a sudden you find yourself wanting more. It's time for a VUDU Performance Audi S3 stage 1 remap

What Is A Stage 1 Remap?

Well, in all honesty, to answer that question you're probably better off reading our 'Remapping Stages Explained' blog. But in brief, it is a recalibration of the car's onboard computer, also known as the ECU. A stage 1 ECU software remap will increase boost pressure, timing, and fuel accordingly, which safely increases power. The Audi remap is designed specifically for a stock car, therefore, no hardware is required.

Pumping up your stock figures to a huge 370+ BHP and a massive 380lb in torque, thus making for a 70BHP increase and 80lb. This is truly what any Volkswagen Golf R or Audi S3 should have left the VW production line with.

The power delivery is sublime, the slight increase in intake and turbo noise is subtle but beautiful. When your foot is down the throttle response is instant, you can expect to feel the torque pin you to your seat and raise excitement like the very first day you collected the car.

If you're feeling extra excitable about your potential tuning goals then there are a few fantastic extras, that will not only bring the audible experience up to new levels but offer even more performance. Let's start with an air intake, preferably the Racingline R600 intake system.

Racingline Performance is a key player in the design and manufacture of Volkswagen tuning products, more specifically the Golf R mods and Audi S3 as a cross over from the VW MQB chassis. The main spectacle of their engineering is the Racingline R600 induction kit, which is capable of producing a cold airflow, proven to produce over 500BHP, it's the one to have.

Complimenting this with a Forge Motorsport inlet hose and turbo elbow pipe is a must in our opinion! Having tested multiple products it's safe to say we love the way this intake pipe incorporates the much-needed turbo elbow into the IS38 turbo, greatly improving the cold air feed.


 Finally, and in our opinion, this is a must, is the TCU Transmission Control Unit upgrade, also known as DSG software. If you are one of the many owners who have the DSG gearbox, it is a particularly smart move to complete a DSG remap as part of your tuning process.


What Is A DSG Remap!

You wouldn't believe it's possible to increase the driving experience from remapping a gearbox, would you? Well, the clever engineers at VUDU Performance have produced some outstanding TCU software, which not only allows the torque limiters in the ECU to be raised, but in the TCU also. 

This results in a huge mid-range power and torque increase that would otherwise be lost. Couple this with better-matched shift points to stop the car from being indecisive about which gear to use, and this results in, more precise gear shifts due to better-matched ignition, shift cuts, and increased clamping force for clutch pack protection, as well as much more. 

Our Experience Of The Audi S3 8V Remap

Having Completed hundreds of Golf R remaps and Audi S3 software calibrations, even developing them on our very own MK7 Golf R several years ago to ensure our software calibrations were perfect, it goes without saying we have had some serious fun with this platform.

When you finally get the opportunity to let your newly Stage 1 tuned car off its leash, one thing we can assure you of is the grin on your face becoming bigger and bigger the more you pull the up paddle and seamlessly shift through the wonderful DSG gearbox.

Sit back and listen to the "woosh" of the R600 induction kit, and if you are daring enough to have upgraded the exhaust system (we would recommend the Remus exhaust or Milltek Sport exhaust) listen to the burbles and distinct feeling of something very special indeed.

Take our advice and head straight from the rolling road and into your closest countryside pass to let the 4wd Haldex system come to life, shoving you from point A to point B at a rate your mind struggles to comprehend.

Please do feel free to contact us regarding the supply and installation of your remap and tuning products. We also have several VUDU Performance dealers around the UK, Australia, Europe and America. Please see our 'Find a Dealer' page.



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