Remus Exhausts Factory Tour 2020

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This year, Remus Exhausts UK (The Performance Company) very kindly invited us to visit the Remus exhaust manufacturing facility in Austria as part of the Remus Exhaust dealer training programme.

Remus Exhausts have been manufacturing amazing quality exhausts for both the aftermarket exhaust market and OEM supply for main manufactures such as Mercedes, Volkswagen Audi group and BMW for many years, so to see inside the factory and have some training was always going to be an amazing opportunity.


Arriving at the first factory (Remus is split across two sites) we couldn’t believe the magnitude of the facility. It’s difficult to capture the scale of the whole plant that is the main site for aftermarket exhaust production currently, but we’ve tried our best with the images we have taken. Entering the main reception, we were met with impressive marble floors alongside an amazing waiting area that was surrounded by Remus Exhaust’s sponsored drivers’ pictures and trophies.

The start of the tour gave us some insight into the bending capabilities of the company with vast machinery able to bend up to 5” stainless steel in as much as 7 places, before seeing the amazing laser cutting machine in action. It was difficult to comprehend the sheer size of this machine used for CNC laser cutting of an aftermarket or OEM exhaust component.

Leading on from here was the first of 2-dyno testing facilities to show us how Remus test and develop what the removal of the standard exhaust Vs the Remus exhaust would produce. This rolling road centre had both car chassis dyno and bike chassis dyno made by Dyno Jet.

From here we were led through many OEM specific areas for such customers as Aston Martin, Ducati and KTM motorcycles, where we were under strict instructions not to photograph.

Onward to the titanium and Inconel exhaust welding areas, we were lucky enough to see the McLaren exhausts been welded and back purged in preparation to be polished and shipped direct to the manufacture along with some other top-secret projects.

We then entered the picking and packing area alongside the stock room for Remus’ aftermarket exhaust division, again the colossal amount of stock holding ensuring for a steady stream of guaranteed delivery was astonishing. The packing department pictured below had several workers using bespoke foam filling guns to ensure safe delivery, Remus even manufacture their own cardboard boxes in house!!


This year is an exciting year for Remus Exhausts as they rebrand the OEM facility currently known as Sebring to Remus Innovation. This site has been developed specifically to cater for larger batches and tier 1 production of OE Manufacturers exhaust systems including McLaren, Mercedes and so on.

We were fortunate enough to see the production of some McLaren exhausts and the size of a typical daily batch going through the welding facility pictured below.

Probably the most exciting part of the Sebring/ REMUS Innovation site was been invited to the sound testing facility with a room built specifically to design the exhaust systems external noise in internal resonation, this is why the Remus Exhausts sound so fantastic with only minimal drone inside the cabin.

Whilst in this part of the factory we were able to see some of the quirks Remus Innovation were working on, including light surrounds for the exhaust tips of the below Mercedes exhaust.

Pictured below is the manufacture of the exhaust tips for a brand-new BMW M series model, with a technician using a specifically designed press tool which was one of 5 bays designed for this parts manufacture.

Overall, seeing behind the curtain of one of the biggest aftermarket exhaust manufacturers has been a thrilling and eye-opening experience for the team here at AET Motorsport. It’s clear to see the extra value in the Remus product after seeing its manufacturing process with our own eyes.

Huge thanks to Remus Exhaust UK and The Performance Company, with a special thanks to James Pearman (MD) and Jake Dale (Technical Sales)

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  • It is impossible to find Remus Hexacone slip on for my 2013 BMW K1600GTL. I live in the USA

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