Vauxhall Astra VXR Gets an AET Motorsport Hybrid K06 Turbo

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Remember the Vauxhall Astra VXR that came in last month for a remap? Ever wonder why we didn’t produce a feature or dyno video?

Well, it didn’t exactly go to plan………

There was an issue with the car being mapped with an IPF power flasher. Once the map to removed and checked we could see that it wasn’t right and the hub dyno never lies. This resulted in the VXR making just over standard power figures.

After a few weeks later the customer brought the car back in now running the factory map for us to start some serious upgrades.
The turbo was removed and replaced with a Hybrid K06 turbo.


What’s involved in making a hybrid turbo I hear you say?

Well here goes, firstly we start with the original K04 turbo. Machining a 7 deg cutback to turbine exducer to increase flow through the turbine housing.
Before the fitment of a K06 billet compressor wheels, 35Lb/min CNC machined compressor covers to accommodate the hi-flow billet compressor wheels.
An AET motorsport spec 360 thrust assemblies are installed to cope with increased boost pressures. Total seal piston rings fitted to the turbine for low back pressure exhaust systems. Ported wastegates for increase boost control at hiboost, and a 14psi Turbosmart IWG75 actuators fitted before being VSR Balanced to motorsport spec. To finish it off on this occasion we fitted a Turbosmart recirculation dual port valve. This means the turbo has a power rating of up to 350bhp.

With the new turbo fitted we replaced the factory Vauxhall air box for an ITG maxogen intake. This Vauxhall Astra VXR isn’t shy of modifications and it came to us with the following items fitted to it.

  • 3″ Piper turbo back exhaust with 200 cell sports cat & 2 silencers
  • EDS short runner intake manifold
  • EDS top hat
  • Airtec intercooler
  • Mfactory LSD
  • K Sport 356mm brake set up

With the car back on the dyno, we remapped the ECU before warming the car up. Once it was at operating temperature we then proceed to run up in 500rpm increments checking the vehicle was operating correctly before performing a full pull. After the 1st pull, the power figures fantastic and it was putting out 300 whp.

The start of the month we have been running a Facebook advert promoting the Astra VXR Hybrid K06

Email or call us to discuss your Hybrid turbo or K06

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