Fiesta ST Mk8 Tuning Test Donington Park

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Fiesta ST Mk8 on the track

Sometimes we question ourselves at AET Motorsport. "Whats the best way to determine if the latest development is production ready?" in this particular case we wanted to put our very own Fiesta ST Mk8 Remap software to the test. 

We couldn't decide on giving the Fiesta ST and its staggering PERON remap to our in house Time Attack Champion driver Nick Cook or our once crowned British super-kart driver Andy Taylor, but personally we felt this would not be enough!!

Our very own #GirlRacer Violet was handed the keys to the Fiesta ST MK8 with a hall pass to hit the extremely wet and slippy track at Donington Park (what could possibly go wrong?)

It's important to note that this was Violet's first time out in a car around a circuit, which frankly could only be described as awful conditions and extremely slippery with constantly changing surfaces, standing water and lots of spray! Couple this with the British touring car champion Colin Turkington out doing what looked to be demo laps in an old school BMW race car, Nick and Andy would have gladly sat the day out.

Having completed some sighting laps in the super hatch Fiesta ST it was time for Violet to begin to find her feet and start to push the car through its paces with the intention of completing long stints for durability testing purposes whilst trying to keep the car on the circuit.

Mk8 Fiesta ST on the track

The morning sessions proved outstanding for the mighty MK8 Fiesta and the PERON Remap performed faultless during the initial 25 lap stint, Violet passed comment "The car feels amazing it's inviting to drive which gives so much confidence. Even in my first time out i can't believe how hard it pulls down the straights!"

This Fiesta ST MK8 does have some helping hands on its side in the form of a TAROX Big Brake Kit , AIRTEC Stage 2 Intercooler and Airtec Intake Kit.

Having had the opportunity to shoot a few pictures we looked through the Data logs from the session and let the rain pass over until the track was as good as it could be before sending the car and Violet out for another session.

Mk8 Fiesta ST on the track

With what looked to be a small amount of sun breaking through the overcast cloud, we decided now was the time to head out for a 30 lap extended stint as we knew ultimate pace laps were not going to happen today so longevity testing was the key.

Violet headed out of pit lane directly into a full stint for the Fiesta with little over half a tank and was instructed not to head back in until either the fuel was gone or the conditions were worsening. 

Happily ploughing round the track the conditions started to get marginally better and we were able to see a consistent change in pace getting quicker and quicker, including a few slips and slides from the MK8 ST. Our #GirlRacer behind the wheel put in a further 27 laps before we got the flash of the lights to indicate the Fiesta was coming into pit lane. Pulling up to the garage we were concerned of an issue to which Violet responded "Can we go get more fuel I want to keep going" obviously this was to our relief and proves how fantastic the remapping by our technical partners at PERON really is.

Mk8 Fiesta ST on the track

We returned to the circuit fuelled up and ready for the final long stint of the day with Violet raring to go and looking like it was going to be a dry session with an extremely greasy track as the water had settled in. By this time we had reached mid afternoon and some late comers with serious machinery turned. Another 18 laps down, Violet decided to come in and call it a day due to the speed of the other cars on the circuit.

Mk8 Fiesta ST on the home straight

A few words from our lady racer about our Fiesta ST MK8 with its PERON Remap "What an outstanding car Ford have produced, couple that with the added power from PERON and it's not only fast enough to hold it's own but it's also extremely confidence inspiring. The TAROX Brake kit makes for impressive stopping power whilst the AIRTEC Intercooler and intake kit keeps the car feeling consistent and powerful even after continued hard use."

Donington Park

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