Voodoo Inside Bulgaria

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Voodoo in Bulgaria

Mario Popov, Bulgarian rally driver came to us a few months back for some tuning advice and in the quest for some additional power.

Mario bought the car from a German car dealer in Nurnberg last June and it was after an accident so in less than 2 months they fully restored and prepared rally car. The vehicle has been equipped with a fully approved FIA roll cage, fire extinguishing system, FIA homologated seats and harnesses.

The vehicle is currently running, A Voodoo stage 2 cooler, Turbosmart blow off valve, ITG induction, Super street 3″ decat with 3″ custom made exhaust / straight through with no resonators. The vehicle is running a PERON stage 2 map with the decel and sounds amazing as you can hear in the video below.

Additional upgrades will include a 4.3 Final Drive ratio and Gripper Rally Spec plated LSD that are soon to be fitted.

The suspension and brakes are currently standard now and Mario says the car is desperately in need of new ones. Mario has a chap in Bulgaria who is Ohlins qualified and he will be making custom 3-way rally suspension for the car with external reservoirs.
In terms of brakes, Mario is still not sure on what to go for, currently, they are using the stock calipers with EBC Yellowstuff pads which he says were surprisingly good during the rally.

Mario really wants to get rid of all safety and stability systems as well as the ABS so we will be working on that this winter, as the ABS is a horrible thing when you try to stop quick and you are doing 120 mph in the forest.

We will be adding Mario’s Fiesta into the ‘customer projects’ section of the website. We are pleased to have Mario as a brand ambassador for AET Motorsport sporting the branding on his Ford Fiesta ST.
On Mario’s last outing he managed to pick up 2nd in class.

Good luck on your next round Mario.



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