York Dragway

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York Dragway

15th April saw us turn up to York Dragway with over 20 customers’ vehicles, some PERON tuned whilst others were Voodoo tuned. We are always blown away by the massive support and response we receive when hosting events.

With a wide range of vehicles turning up from modified Fiestas to Focuses and vehicles running just a map, all the way through to cars running hybrid turbos.
We turned up with the AET Motorsport support van loaded with spares, fuel and a BBQ. We set up for the day and took up most of the passes being done by blue oval fans.

The results for fastest –

PERON Stage 1+
PERON Stage 2
Voodoo Fiesta ST

Voodoo car at the York Dragway

AET Motorsport Voodoo car

Voodoo car



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