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Cobra Sport have globally established themselves with their stainless steel performance enhancing exhaust systems. With their market spanning nearly half a century, Cobra Sport have a proven record of commitment to continuously investing and improving on their exhaust technology. 

A family run business, based in Sheffield, Cobra Sport's continued success has resulted in the company being awarded the “Made In Sheffield” mark of origin, a symbol of excellence in manufacturing that is recognised around the world.

The wide range of Cobra sport exhaust systems available at AET Motorsport demonstrates the high standards of manufacturing they set themselves.The in-house expertise ensures that all Cobra Sport Exhausts are engineered with the highest tolerance for that perfect first-time fit, strong performance and truly pitch perfect exhaust tone.

Every Cobra Sport system boasts precise power, outstanding design and inspirational exhaust tones to take your vehicle to a whole new level of driving experience. 

The Cat Back exhaust systems from Cobra Sport have become increasingly popular with tuning enthusiasts in recent years, with both resonated and non-resonated systems available. Manufactured in Cobra Sport's finest 3" stainless steel pipework, the Cat Back exhaust enhance the sound, rear view design and general driveability of your vehicle.

Listen to the Cobra Sport Cat Back Performance Exhaust System on the Fiesta ST below:

AET Motorsport only stock the finest products with years of tried and tested experience. Contact our trained technicians in Normanton for further details on the Cobra Sport exhaust systems with fitting and dyno testing available.

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