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Mk7 Golf R Induction Kits And Intake Hoses

Introducing our range of Golf R breathing modifications to the tuning scene!

Breathing modifications are a necessity when it comes down to tuning your VW Golf R Mk7 or Mk7.5. If you are looking at going down the route of remapping your pride and joy then sufficient cooling solutions are required. This is to keep the charge temperatures as low as possible to allow the vehicle to perform to its maximum potential.

Whilst it's not essential for a stage 1 Golf R build, we do recommend fitting cooling modifications to get the maximum performance results from the car. If you are looking at a stage 2 build, then quite simply cooling solutions such as the induction kit are an essential upgrade that you will need to make.

VUDU Performance quote circa 370bhp from a stage 1 remap flash, but upwards of 390bhp from the same remap flash if you have the necessary breathing modifications installed.

This shows the importance of what cooling solution hardware can bring to your vehicle. Not only do they keep the car safe with the reduction in temperatures, but they also provide that healthy power increase to complement a remapped vehicle. The number of different cooling solutions is quite extensive, we will discuss some of the main components below.

Induction Kits For The Mk7 Golf R

Golf R R600 Intake

Induction kits are often the first point of call when tuning enthusiasts are looking for a cooling solution for their remapped vehicle. This is a modification that creates more airflow within the Golf R. The increase in airflow generated by the induction kit allows the engine to produce worthwhile power gains, making this mod a perfect complement to the VUDU Performance Stage One Remap.

Whilst maintaining low intake temperatures, an Mk7 Golf R induction kit will also bring some sound benefits to your vehicle. Once installed, a healthy induction sound can be expected. This is due to the aftermarket intake kit being designed to remove the sound limit of the engine, and therefore produce the more natural roar of the Golf R engine sound.

Are Induction Kits Worth The Money?

That's the question we are often asked, and the short answer is yes. All our tuning packages include some form of induction kit to get the utmost performance figures from the vehicle. This is certainly no different with our Golf R tuning packages, with full breathing modifications available on each package. Not only does that provide adequate cooling solutions to keep the temperatures low, but they also provide an increase in performance output.

Which Induction Kit Should I Choose?

Our range of MQB platform induction kits is quite extensive with a variety of different brands to choose from. Some come equipped with heat shields, and others arrive in a carbon fibre finish. At the end of the day, all the induction kits within this collection of products will do the same job, however, some will do it better than others. This is something we have seen upon testing a variety of options alongside our VUDU Performance remap software on our hub dyno.

The Racingline and Ramair induction kit options are our most popular systems available, we invite you to read more about each of these through their individual product pages.

Tuning Specialists' Top Golf R Induction Kit Pick:

The Racingline R600 Golf R Intake is included within all our VUDU Performance Golf R Tuning Packages. It has been thoroughly tested and developed with our remap software to ensure you that the package you are purchasing is only to the signature high quality that we pride ourselves in.

The Racingline Performance R600 Intake takes the OEM standards of the design of the stock unit and replaces it with its truly stunning design. We personally believe this intake kit is one of the very best on the market and worth the additional amount over its rival induction kits.

Intake Hoses For The Mk7 Golf R

Golf R Forge Inlet Hose

Intake hoses are an important component within the air intake system, with the hose delivering fresh filtered air to the combustion chamber of the MQB engine. Replacing the factory part, a performance intake hose increases the airflow and therefore increases the power output of the Volkswagen Golf.

Like with the induction kit, you will find an aftermarket intake hose option on the VUDU Performance Golf R tuning packages. As discussed earlier, we saw an extra 20bhp from fitting breathing modifications such as this one to our stage one Golf R builds.

Tuning Specialists' Top Golf R Intake Hose Pick:

There are a variety of intake hose options available for you to purchase within this collection of modifications. But the high-flow chassis inlet hose from Forge Motorsport delivers consistent cold air through to the engine, making it the perfect choice intake pipe option.

This Golf R mod increases the diameter of the pipework to 3 inches, creating a greater ability to breathe more freely. Thus enhancing the cooling efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

Panel Filters For The Mk7 Golf R


The Panel Filter found in most VAG models is a paper filter that is easily clogged with dust and dirt, restricting the airflow to the engine. Switching the paper filter for a performance panel air filter will ensure for a maximum amount of consistent air flow to your engine. More airflow is then generated into more power, which makes a panel filter another perfect compliment to that of a VUDU Performance Stage One Remap.

Tuning Specialists' Top Golf R Panel Filter Pick:

When it comes to our range of Golf R tuning modifications, you will find that you see and hear of Racingline Performance a number of times. This goes to show how much we trust this brand to supply the goods when it comes down to adding performance hardware to your MQB model. This does not change with the panel filter modification with Racingline's Hi-Flow Cotton Panel Filter the brand we'd recommend. The Trifoam filter design enhances filtration properties to create a perfect blend between filtration and minimum restriction.

Need To Learn More?

Making the right choice when selecting your next mod can always be a tricky process. But do not worry, we have a team of dedicated Golf tuning specialists on hand to answer any of your questions.

For any more information you require regarding any of our Golf R Induction Kits or Intake Hoses, please make sure to contact us via phone or email. Our team of experts will be able to guide you in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us.

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R induction kit or intake hose, please contact our team for a quote.

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