Golf R Turbo Kits & Accessories

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Golf R Turbo Kits and Accessories

With the Golf R already having a a IS38 Golf Turbo it may need replacing with the Garrett Power Max V2 Golf R Big Turbo.

With a full big turbo core from the garret G-series this unit is a direct replacement for the stock frame IS38 turbo meaning that you can keep the stock turbo as part of the upgrade kit. The turbo uses a high flow bespoke cast AR high quality turbine housing 5-axis CNC machined turbine wheel with extended tip technology and has an optional turbo speed input sensor.

As the Stock IS38 turbo has a limit of around 420 BHP its the perfect modification to do as this will allow more power output for your Golf R. Some of the special features of the Garrett Turbo is that there is a 60% increase in overall flow compared to the standard IS38 Turbo.

Garrett Turbos produce the highest quality turbochargers that allows you to push your MK7 Golf R to the next level!

We have other Golf R Turbo Accessories such as Blow off valves which eliminates the compressor surge at both low throttle and high engine load while smoothly integrating with factory engine mapping. Plus a new hard-anodised, lightweight, aluminium piston provides better valve response and prolonged piston life.

Require Fitting?

If you would like us to install any turbo accessory parts for the VW Golf R then get in touch with a member of the team to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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For any information about Golf R Turbo Kits and ride quality make sure to please contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our team of experts will be able to guide in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us. We look forward to hearing your questions in the future about your VW Golf R MK7.5.

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