Golf R Wheel Spacers & Suspension Mods

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Golf R Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are one of the cheapest but versatile modifications at the moment on the market as it makes your car look unique to the rest. For those who value the driving experience, wheel spacers have the benefit of improving handling. Because the spacing between the left and right wheels becomes greater with the installation of wheel spacers, the car is more stable, improving handling, grip and the cornering experience.

At AET Motorsport we offer a range of brands such as Eibach and Forge Motorsport which make affordable and durable products.

Eibach Wheel spacers help to not only offer a wider stance and more road presence to the car but also help to give the cars a much more enhanced amount of cornering ability due to its increased handling. 

Forge Motorsport also a range of wheel spacers too that provides the best driving experience.

They will allow your newly purchased alloy wheels to sit more flush with the wheel arches.

This will create a truly wide and unique stance on the road, increase your wheel’s offset, and can even improve mechanical performance in some cases.

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