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12 Days of Christmas

Day #1

On the first day of Christmas, VUDU gave to me....a best priced remap guarantee!

Every day in the build up to Christmas Day, we will be releasing an offer for you to take advantage of. In our first addition, we are releasing Tuning Beginner Packs for a variety of make & models.


engine tuning transforms the way your vehicle performs, adapting the engine to get the upmost amount of power and torque out of the vehicle safely whilst not putting unnecessary strain on hardware parts like the fuel pump and drivetrain. The ecu software should drastically enhance your overall driving experience.

If you want to make the most of your engine tuning its a good idea to upgrade things to promote airflow like an induction kit or upgrade the exhaust system with a sports cat or decat and a popular cat back exhaust.


Each Remap Package that we offer at AET Motorsport has gone through hours and hours of intense development and testing on our in house Dynapack it doesn't matter if its a stage 1 remap or stage 3 hybrid turbo package we put the same continuous R&D into our ecu tuning software to give you that much needed peace of mind you require when it comes to remapping your prized possession.


Flashing the ECU remap to the car with before and after dyno testing will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete depending on your vehicle. We never rush installing our ECU tuning software to ensure you get the best result from your engine upgrades no mater if you have petrol or diesel engines. 

Please contact a member of the team to discuss the perfect starter pack for your vehicle!

T: 01924 228042 | E: sales@aetmotorsport.com

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