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Golf R Brakes

With our VUDU Performance Stage 1 remaps becoming increasingly popular within the Golf R tuning market, it's vitally important to upgrade the stopping power with a safe and reliable set of performance brakes.

Our Golf R Stage 1 Remap Software produces a healthy 370bhp with a simple software flash alone, making the brakes a key component to handle the extra power. A set of performance brakes can last longer, decrease stopping distance and perform greater under tougher conditions, whether that be on the road or the track. But the overall objective of the brakes is simple, keep the car safe with a strong stopping distance as you move up through the gears.

With a performance brake system, you will remove any unhealthy mindset that your brakes are not up to the standard required when running a high-powered Golf R model. Your braking will deliver that enhanced driving performance that you are seeking with a smoother yet faster braking response.

Golf R Big Brake Kit

Golf R Big Brake Kit

A Golf R big brake package is made available for owners that don't want any nonsense with their brakes. It's a premium piece of kit that provides everything required to improve performance whilst transforming how your Golf handles on the road with a comfortable brake pedal feel. They take your standard brakes to the next level, allowing you to stop faster and most importantly safe with the additional power from a remap or tuning package.

Our most popular set of brakes for the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 comes from Racingline Performance with their Stage 2 Big Brake Kit becoming increasingly popular with Golf R owners. This kit eradicates any issues from the increase in power by providing a durable brake kit package that provides outstanding stopping power time and time again.

Racingline Performance is a big name when it comes to VW Golf R Mk7 and Mk7.5 tuning, their range of performance hardware is second to none and that is clear for all to see with this big brake kit.

What's Included In This Big Brake Kit?

  • Pair of Monoblock Front Brake Calipers With Brackets
  • Pair of Full Mounting Bolt Kit
  • Braided Steel Front Brake Lines Set
  • Sport Brake Pads Set
  • Pair of Triple Groove Brake Discs

It's not just the performance of this big brake kit, but also the design stands out nicely with the calipers available in a black or red colour, finished with the signature Racingline Performance logo.

Golf R Brake Pads

Golf R Brake Pads

Golf R Brake Pads are responsible for absorbing the force of the brake system. This allows you to get the most out of your brakes in terms of improved stopping power and greater braking efficiency, whether that be on the road or the track.

Manufactured from stronger and more durable materials compared to the stock brake pads. Each set of the performance brake pads available in our Golf R brakes collection provides a significant upgrade, allowing you to safely reduce your speed or stop suddenly if necessary.

Once again, our most popular set of Golf R brake pads comes from Racingline Performance. Manufactured from an advanced high-friction material, it's safe to say these brake pads provide the ultimate in braking technology. The stock pads on the Mk7 Golf are prone to fade over time, but with this Racingline upgrade, their high-performance brake pads are built to last, ideal for demanding drivers running high power.

Golf R Brake Discs

Golf R Brake Discs

The role of the Golf R Brake Discs is simple, to provide increased stopping power for a safer driving experience. They may be more expensive when compared to the pads, but they provide you with a lot more safety on the roads.

You may find that there are a number of brake disc designs available for you to purchase. One of the more popular designs is the slotted brake disc, which is recommended for owners that favor a more extreme use of the disc. Another popular design is the drilled brake disc, this option is recommended for owners that do not expect their brake discs to go through such extreme braking conditions at the time of purchase.

RTS Brake Discs are reliable, well made, and tested to assure max potential of stopping power. We have worked closely alongside RTS for a number of years now and their range of brake products is up there with some of the finest on the Mk7 Golf market. Each brake disc that they produce undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the quality you are purchasing is safe and meets the quality accreditation for that extra peace of mind.

You will find both the front and rear sets of their discs in our Golf R brakes collection of products.

Golf R Brake Lines

Golf R Brake Lines

Brake lines provide a smoother and stronger brake efficiency to create sharper and more responsive braking times. We highly recommend a set of lines to Golf R owners who are running excessive amounts of power as the brake line kits eliminate that spongy brake pedal feel and provide that much safer driving experience.

Stainless steel braided brake lines are without question, a worthwhile investment for any driver. Replacing the original rubber hoses, a set of these braided brake lines are perfect for Golf owners seeking that ultimate braking performance.

A set of VUDU Performance Brake Lines is the ideal piece of kit that we would recommend if you are interested in switching to a set of braided brake lines. Not only does their level of detail enhance braking performance but they also provide an aesthetically pleasing design to your Golf R brakes, with the signature VUDU Performance logo on show for the world to see.

The steel in our lines and fittings can withstand the pressure associated with the brake system far greater than the standard brake hoses. The stainless steel fit will result in a far greater lifespan, and a maintained high performance with a firm and responsive brake pedal feel.

Need To Learn More?

For any information about any of our Golf R brake kits, make sure to please contact us via phone, or email. Our team of Mk7 Golf tuning experts will be able to guide you in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us.

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R brake kits, please contact our team for a quote.

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