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Volkswagen Polo GTI Tuning and Remaps from AET Motorsport!

Enhance the looks, performance and general driving experience of your VW Polo GTI with our range of remaps and tuning packages.

Following our huge success within the Ford industry, AET Motorsport have reached out into the Volkswagen market to bring you a variety of performance enhancing products to take your vehicle to that next level. The Volkswagen Polo GTI  is another exciting model with a fantastic all round appeal, but at AET Motorsport, we know there is always room for improvement with a range of remapping and tuning packages available. From styling products to an aftermarket exhaust system, our VW Polo GTI collection has a little bit of everything to suit a range of needs.

VW Polo 6C1 2014 onwards 1.8T:

Stock 192bhp Torque 319nm | Stage 1 Figures 252bhp Torque 390nm

VW Polo 6C1 2014 onwards 1.4T:

Stock 150bhp Torque 220nm | Stage 1 Figures 212bhp Torque 339nm

VW Polo 6R 2009-2014 1.4T:

Stock 160bhp Torque 240nm | Stage 1 Figures 203bhp Torque 317nm

Want to enhance the power of your VW Polo? Give us a call to discuss a remap for your Polo model.

Want to see the VUDU team in action? Take a look at the clip from our very own VUDU Garage YouTube channel below, taking this VW Polo from stock to Stage 1:

AET Motorsport only market the finest products on the tuning market which allows our customers to experience the greatest possible drive quality from their VW Polo GTI.

Come visit us at our workshop in Normanton, West Yorkshire with a team of expert technicians on hand to handle any fittings you may require, we also have our very own HUB dyno to test the maximum output of your VW Polo GTI with a dyno run available from just £90. Our team of highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience working with the different VW Polo models and will have no issues when it comes to fitting or dyno testing your vehicle should you so require. Contact the team at AET Motorsport to learn more.

Call or Email to discuss: 
T: 01924 228042  |  E: info@aetmotorsport.com

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