ECU Remapping

Whether you’re looking to optimise performance, economy, or a combination of the two…

Feel the difference with AET

Whether you’re looking to optimise performance, economy, or a combination of the two, AET has the skills, experience and equipment to provide you with a bespoke ECU remapping service that will transform the way your engine works.

Whilst most remapping firms simply upload generic maps and send you on your way with no before and after proof – that isn’t how we do things at AET. Our talented team understands that no two engines are the same and as part of our service, we connect every vehicle to our advanced chassis Dyno, to test performance before and after remapping.

In this way, we can modify the remap to meet the individual quirks of your vehicle, maximising effectiveness whilst providing you with an accurate record of exactly how your engine performance has improved.


Unlock the true potential of your vehicle.

Optimising your ECU to improve throttle response, increase BHP and maximise torque outputs, we’ll squeeze every last ounce of power performance and responsiveness from your vehicle without compromising on safety or durability.

Delivered by our experienced remapping team, and backed up by decades of motorsport heritage, a performance remap will free your engine from the artificial restrictions placed on it by the manufacturer for pure driving pleasure.

Custom performance ECU remapping from AET Motorsport is available from as little as £350 + vat. We are also able to offer PERON tuning for a wide range Fords.

Economy Remapping

Save Fuel, Money and the Environment

Improve MPG, reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact of your vehicle with a tailored, professional economy remap from AET Motorsport.

Using our advanced remapping and dyno equipment, we’ll carefully alter and balance the torque, power, fuelling, injection timing and pressure settings of your vehicle’s ECU to maximise fuel economy whist minimising the impact on drivability and performance.

Typically, an economy remap from AET will reduce fuel consumption on most vehicles between 10 -15%, and in some cases, the economy savings can reach 20% or more.

Perfect for commercial vehicles, fleet owners and those looking to reduce the running costs and environmental impact of their driving, AET economy remaps provide a real return on investment from as little as £350 + Vat.

Fusion remap

Meaner, Leaner and greener

Get the best of both worlds, and benefit from improved fuel economy and increased engine performance with a customised fusion remap from AET.

Using the latest remapping software and our advanced in-house dyno, our experienced team will fine tune the settings on your ECU, striking the perfect balance between increased power and efficiency to create the optimum driving experience.

The result is a vehicle that’s more powerful and responsive, whilst simultaneously using less fuel and producing fewer emissions, so you can satisfy your need for speed, and save money at the same time.

A bespoke fusion ECU remapping from AET is available from as little as £350 + vat, which includes use of our advanced chassis dyno to help maximise results.