Mk7 Golf R Mods

The Mk7 / Mk7.5 Golf R is one of the prime cars on the market for tuning mods due to the wide variety on offer. This allows for huge potential with the vehicles overall performance. We have all the skills, tools and the knowledge to allow the stock Volkswagen Golf R to reach upwards of 540 BHP with our full Stage 3 Tuning Package installed!

Here at AET Motorsport we offer a wide range of modifications to give your Golf R a significant boost that you didn't know you needed! Couple that with our very own VUDU Performance Remap Software, you will see some instant results and unlock your Golf R's full potential.

For any information you require regarding Mk7 Golf R Tuning, please make sure to contact us by phone or email. Our team of Golf R experts will be happy to help guide you in the correct direction and answer any questions that you may have.

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