Peron Stage 1+ Peron Stage 1+ Abarth Remapping Software - Euro 6

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This particular map is applicable to both the Abarth 595 IHI & Garrett models (EURO 6) which offer the car some impressive gains from stock mapping with the assistance of the ITG intake system.

The Abarths ITG intake system helps to increase the air flow by offering a larger surface area opposed to the stock intake while also helping to steer the car away from unnecessary heat soak from the ITG's placement in the engine bay in addition to its cold air feed which can be located leaving the intake system and up into the scuttle panel. 

Testing has shown gains of 16hp over the standard induction system on a re-mapped car.

Aside from the increase in power, there are improvements' with throttle response and a pleasing, yet unobtrusive increase in intake Noise.

Power Gains:

Stock IHI - 123whp/154ftlb

Peron Stage 1+ 160whp/215ftlb

Stock Garrett - 162whp/195ftlb

Peron Stage 1+ 185whp/229ftlb

Peron Flash Tuning Guide available HERE.

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