AET Turbos V2 Hybrid K06 Turbo - Crackle Black Housing

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So what's involved in making a *350bhp rated hybrid turbo ?

Firstly we start with the original K04 turbo. Machining a 7 deg cutback to turbine exducer to increase flow through the turbine housing.

Before the fitment of a K06 billet compressor wheels, 35Lb/min CNC machined compressor covers to accommodate the hi-flow billet compressor wheels.

An AET motorsport spec 360 thrust assemblies is installed to cope with increased boost pressures.

Total seal piston rings fitted to the turbine for low back pressure exhaust systems.

Ported wastegates for increase boost control at hi boost, being VSR Balanced to motorsport spec.

Powder coated housing in crackle black. 

*We recommend fitting a Turbosmart recirculation plumb back or dual port valve at an additional cost.
Exchange units have a £200 surcharge that will be refunded when the unit is returned. 

Choose from the drop down for your Turbosmart actuator and plumb back or dual port valve.

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