AIRTEC Motorsport Lower Gearbox Torque Mount Upgrade - Focus MK2 & MK3

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AIRTEC Lower Gearbox Torque Mount for the Mk2 and Mk3 Ford Focus RS and ST Models

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The AIRTEC Torque Mount Upgrade is a MUST HAVE product provided by AIRTEC Motorsport for Mk2 and Mk3 Ford Focus models. Replacing the existing cast alloy and torque mount system, the AIRTEC Torque Mount allows for faster gear changes due to the reduced amount of engine movement and wheel hop.

Torque Mount Key Features: 

  • 2 x Polyurethane Bush Inserts Included with 3 Inserts to choose from
  • CNC from Solid Billet Alloy Material
  • Andonised in Satin Black
  • Considerably Reduces Engine Movement and Wheel Hop
  • Easy Fitment

AIRTEC Torque Mounts deliver on every driving level with due to three different bush inserts available for the upgrade:

Yellow Bush Insert:

This Bush Insert is perfect for everyday use and the odd track day, providing a standard driving experience without the excessive engine movement.

Purple Bush Insert:

This Bush Insert is perfect for track and race enthusiasts due to massively reducing engine movement for quicker gear changes. It is however not recommended for everyday driving use due to the increased cabin noise.

Black Series Bush Insert:

This Bush Insert provides you with the ultimate driving performance, specifically for track and race enthusiasts due to the precise and accurate driving experience.

Torque Mount fits the following Focus models:

  • Ford Focus ST225 Mk2
  • Ford Focus RS Mk2
  • Ford Focus ST250 Mk3
  • Ford Focus RS Mk3


Require a Fitting?

Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details on fitting the AIRTEC Torque Mount onto your Mk2 or Mk3 Focus model.

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