Akrapovic Downpipe With Cat - BMW M140i / M240i / 340i / 440i

Akrapovic Downpipe With Cat - BMW M140i / M240i / 340i / 440i

£1,552.00 inc. VAT £1,293.33 excl. VAT

Akrapovic Downpipe With Cat for the BMW F Series

Take your BMW F Series to a whole new level of driving experience with the Akrapovic Downpipe!

Manufactured in-house by Akrapovic, the Downpipe with Cat is constructed using only the highest of quality stainless steel materials on the BMW performance exhaust market. The Akrapovic difference in the sound of the exhaust with the Downpipe producing the signature Akrapovic exhaust tone we love without any unwanted drone.

No remapping software is required due to the sports catalytic converter.

Once fitted with the Evolution Line Exhaust System, your BMW F Series will sound and perform like no other with huge performance gains to both the power and torque figures. 

Akrapovic Downpipe With Cat fits the following BMW models:

BMW 1 Series F Series (2011 - Present) M140i B58 (335ps)
BMW 2 Series F Series (2014 - Present) M240i B58 (340ps)
BMW 3 Series F Series (2011 - Present) 340i B58 (320ps)
BMW 4 Series F Series (2014 - Present) 440i B58 (320ps)

Learn more from Akrapovic in their company film below:

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AET Motorsport have a team of skilled technicians and a HUB dyno at our state of the art facility in West Yorkshire. Please contact the team to discuss fitting and dyno testing the Akrapovic Downpipe with Cat for your BMW F Series model.

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