Akrapovik Evolution Exhaust for the BMW M2 Competition Akrapovik Evolution Exhaust on the BMW M2 Competition Akrapovik Evolution Exhaust on the BMW M2 Competition

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust - BMW M2 Competition

£6,166.00 inc. VAT £5,138.33 excl. VAT

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System for the BMW M2 Competition

Shop one of the finest performance exhaust systems on the BMW tuning market in the shape of an Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust for the BMW M2 Competition.

The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System has been designed to maximize the performance of your BMW M2 Competition, providing HUGE gains to both the power and torque figures. Crafted entirely from only the finest of quality titanium material, the Akrapovic System produces a deep "race" sounding exhaust tone with no unwanted overtones or drone.

Please note when fitting the Akrapovic Exhaust System to your BMW M2, remapping the ECU is a MUST in order to prevent the "check engine light" warning signal from occurring. 

    Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System Fits:
    • BMW M2 F87 (2016 onwards) 3.0T S55 Competition Model

    Listen to the premium exhaust quality that an Akrapovic Exhaust System produces in the YouTube clip from Akrapovic below:

    Need to Learn More?

    AET Motorsport have a dedicated team on hand to answer any questions you have regarding an Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust. Please contact the team to discuss the fitting and dyno testing options available for your BMW M2 Competition.

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