Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust- BMW M5 F10

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Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust for the BMW M5 F10

Gain one of the finest exhaust upgrades on the BMW tuning market in the shape of the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust designed for the BMW M5 F10!

Manufactured from the finest quality titanium material, the Akrapovic exhaust decreases the back pressure on the BMW M5 whilst retaining the catalytic converters. Offering a significant weight advantage over system, the exhaust provides you with the signature Akrapovic exhaust tone, a deep sound with an aggressive roar when moving up through the gears.

When purchasing the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust, please select whether you require titanium or carbon fibre exhaust tailpipes.

Full Akrapovic Exhaust System Includes:

  • Dual-Outlet Mufflers with Exhaust Valves
  • Flow Optimized Pipes
  • Unique Cast X-Shaped Part with Resonators

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust Fits:

  • BMW M5 F10 2011-2016 4.4 V8 Model.

BMW M5 F10 Akrapovic

Listen to the premium exhaust quality that the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System produces on the BMW M5 F10 model in the YouTube clip from Akrapovic themselves below:

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Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details on the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust for your BMW M5. Our dedicated team of technicians are perfectly capable of fitting the exhaust system and with our very own HUB dyno we can measure the maximum output of your BMW M5.

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