APR Intercooler Kit - VW Golf R Mk7 / MQB 2.0 Models / TFSI / TSI


APR Intercooler Kit For The VW Golf R Mk7 / MQB 2.0 Models / TFSI / TSI Vehicles 

The APR Intercooler Kit not only provides a dramatic reduction in the intake air temperatures passing through the MQB vehicle but it also ensures of an increased level of performance. Effectively tested on vehicles running in the excess of 500hp, the APR intercooler utilizes the factory air dams to enhance the airflow across the core by an exceptional amount.

The intercooler kit is 100% compatible with Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles.

The bar and plate core design boasts staggered and louvered fins that have been rigorously tested to determine the optimum performance of the intercooler itself. Providing a low pressure drop and a highly effective cooling system, the APR Intercooler Kit certainly delivers with the system expertly engineered to offer the lowest turbulence figures whilst providing the maximum flow.

Please contact a member of the team at AET Motorsport for any additional information you require regarding the APR Intercooler. 

Require a Fitting?

The intercooler system is a direct bolt-on upgrade that requires no trimming and is recommended at every stage of performance. Our team of highly skilled technicians are perfectly capable of fitting the intercooler to your Mk7 VW Golf R should you so require. Please select the fitting option from the drop down menu before giving a member of the team a call to get booked in at your earliest convenience. 

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