Audi S3 8V Sportback 5-Door Downpipe Sports-Cat / De-Cat - Cobra Sport

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Cobra Sport Audi S3 8V Downpipe Upgrade Decat / Sports-Cat.


Revolutionise your Driving experience with this Cobra Sport Audi S3 8V Sportback 5-Door Decat / Sports-Cat. Upgrading your downpipe allows the gases to flow more freely from the engine. Stock cars are fitted with a catalytic converter that gases release by the engine must pass through to filter out the emissions.

The catalytic converter restricts the flow of gasses and causes back pressure on the engine. When upgrading the downpipe you have the choice between a sports cat downpipe, and a free-flowing de cat downpipe.

The Audi S3 Sports-Cat is a high-flow downpipe with that will pass an MOT emissions test whilst still improving the power and enhancing the sound of the exhaust. The sports cat is the perfect choice for someone looking to create the fasted road legal vehicle.

The Decat downpipe is for Motorsport and Track-Use only and will NOT pass an MOT Emissions test. This downpipe is a straight pipe with not filter which producing the most power and amplifies the exhaust tone to another level.

Both the decat and sports cat exhausts are constructed from Certified 304 Grade Stainless Steel and TIG welded to ensure superior quality. Not only this but all Cobra exhausts come with a lifetime warranty to provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

The Performance downpipe is a direct replacement for the stock system, it fits from the turbo and connects to the centre section of the exhaust system.

Key Features:

  • Option of Sports Cat and Decat
  • Increase in engine performance
  • Amplified exhaust tone
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Constructed from grade 304 stainless steel.

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