Cobra Sport Venom Non Valved Turbo Back Sports Cat - Ford Focus RS Mk3

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FD96A - The Non-Valved Turbo-Back Exhaust with Sports Cat from the Venom Range by Cobra Sport

Cobra Sport have produced a range of performance enhancing sports exhausts for the Focus RS Mk3. Improving the sound and rear view design of your vehicle, Cobra Sport guarantee you assurance of their high quality exhaust systems to give you the greatest possible driving experience.

The Focus RS Mk3 performance exhaust is constructed in the finest quality 3" pipework that fits from the turbo backwards. The exhaust replaces the front pipe and standard catalyst as well as the centre and rear sections to display a totally new rear design on your RS Mk3.

This Turbo-Back Exhaust is extremely loud and only sold for non-road use, due to exceeding all legal noise regulations.

This Venom exhaust removes the use of the exhaust valves. When switching drive modes your exhaust tone will not change from quieter to louder as it did before. Using a Non-Valved exhaust will not harm the running of your vehicle, you will simply not have exhaust sound options.

All relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied. (Except turbo gasket).

Cobra Sport's Turbo Back Exhaust in the Venom range is also available with a Valved option.

Listen to the Venom Performance Exhaust sound from Cobra Sport below:

Please note your Cobra Sport exhaust system can take up to 4 weeks to arrive if the item is out of stock.

If you require a fitting please contact us on the below details:
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