CSF Top Mount Charge Air Cooler - BMW M5 / M6

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CSF Top Mount Charge Air Cooler for the BMW M5 and M6

This BMW M5/M6 Charge Air Cooler from CSF provides consistently cool air temperatures, even at the highest of temperatures!

Most effective on a Stage 1 or Stage 2 BMW M5 or M6 model, the CSF Top Mount Charge Air Cooler delivers a 28% increase in core size whilst limiting the pressure drop. These results are made possible due to the advanced radiator core technology that each CSF cooling system is able to boast about with innovative tube and fin technologies that maximize the airflow and heat dissipation. 

The specially designed CSF "B" shape radiator offers far greater results than that of the regular "O" shaped radiator tube, this is down to the thinner and lighter aluminium material that offers better cooling efficiency results by approximately 15% over the regular tubes. This along with the multi louvered fins are precisely aligned to maximize the airflow passing through the radiator core to help you achieve the greatest possible results from your BMW M5 or M6. 

CSF are the BMW cooling experts with over three decades of experience in the automotive cooling industry. Known around the world for their exclusive premium quality, you will struggle to find greater value for money for your BMW M5 or M6 than that of a CSF Charge Air Cooler.

Require a Fitting?

AET Motorsport's team of dedicated technicians will have no problem fitting the CSF Charge Air Cooler on to your BMW M5 or M6. We can also test the maximum output of your vehicle on our very own hub dyno located at our state of the art workshop facility in West Yorkshire. Please contact the team at AET Motorsport to discuss fitting the CSF Charge Air Cooler on to your BMW M5 or M6.

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