Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software - Ford Fiesta ST180 Fiesta-ST200-Dyno-VUDU-Software Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

Ford Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

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Fiesta ST Mk7 Stage 1 Remap Software from VUDU Performance


Take your Fiesta ST MK7 to that performance edition level with the prestigious VUDU Performance Stage 1 & Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Software. The Fiesta ST MK7 just met the VUDU Performance stage 1 remap power and its obvious this should have been the factory upgrade Ford should have offered.

*Please note this is a map only, the Stage 1+ remapping requires the ITG Induction Kit.

Following hours of extensive testing, research and development on our the AET Motorsport hub dyno. We have provided the most accurate and reliable of results, we are happy to unveil the VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST remap software to the market, ready to rival the Polo GTI and other pocket rockets. 

After months of testing on the road and track our engineers gave the Fiesta remap its final sign off making it a force to be reckoned with. Our dyno cell and testing equipment allows us to reproduce accurate data that others are unable to achieve.

Ford Fiesta VUDU Performance Stage 1 VP225 = 190WHP-200WHP

The VUDU VP225 Stage 1 Tuning software is our introductory tuning software. The Stage 1 remap is perfect for those looking to dip their feet in the tuning WORLD with a noticeable increase of power without the need for any hardware. Our development team has spent months of extensive testing to ensure the best results while ensuring the safety of the cars engine. This software will take that ecoboost engine from 164WHP to between 190WHP-200WHP depending on the condition and running efficiency, providing a slight increase in fuel economy as an added bonus.

*includes VUDU Programmer only

Specifically designed for a stock Ford Fiesta ST ( 98 RON )

*You must be running Vpower / Tesco 99 

stock vs vp225 stage 1



Our VUDU Performance VP235 Stage 1+ remap software is the next step up after the Stage 1 remap. The Stage 1+ software requires an upgraded intake system. The stock air intake on the Fiesta ST180 is designed to handle the demand from stock and is unable to handle the demand that is required at Stage 1+. You can expect gains up to 200WHP-210WHP from this tuning software.

Stage 1+ VUDU Software Fiesta ST MK7

The VUDU Tuning Tool:

The VUDU "Home Flash" Tuning Tool allows you to remap the Ford Fiesta ST from home via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle until flashed back to stock where it can then be sold on. The tool also allows the vehicle to be flashed back to standard if required and whats better is all this plus 5 tuning files can be stored on the tool. No emailing back and forth like conventional systems.

This kit is designed to get the maximum power output from the Ford Fiesta ST180 engine whilst maintaining stock components and ultimate reliability.


We highly recommend the VUDU Performance by ITG Air filters and our VUDU Performance VP245 Kit. This boasts a massive increase in both power and torque with some tasty Fiesta ST tuning modifications to totally transform your whole driving experience.

And if you're wanting to go that one step further then a Fiesta ST stage 3 track car with a hybrid turbo is only two more steps away. Our knowledge in the hybrid turbocharger market is like no other performance center in the Fiesta market. Our sister company, AET Turbos providing us with the superb VT330 Hybrid Turbo. With this sort of power you will be able to rival the Fiesta's bigger brother the Focus RS.


It goes without saying that all small direct injection turbo hot hatch cars have a badly muffled exhaust system and the fiesta st is no exception to this rule.

If you would like more from your fiesta st exhaust then have a look at our Fiesta ST exhaust systems collection, home of a number of stainless steel performance exhaust systems. Our range of sports exhausts will see the smile revived upon your face.


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