Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance VUDU Decat Stage 2 Package Option ITG Air Filter Stage 2 Package Option Cobra Decat Stage 2 Package Option Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 2 Remap Package - VUDU Performance

£1,299.00 inc. VAT £1,082.50 excl. VAT

VUDU Performance Stage 2 Remap Package for Fiesta ST MK7

VUDU Performance VP245 Stage 2 = 215-220whp Full Package Includes:

Should you not need to purchase everything within the package, please order your items separately via the links above.

Ford Fiesta ST Stage 2 Tuning Package:

We are proud to offer you the VUDU Performance Fiesta Stage 2 tuning package for the Ford Fiesta st180 MK7. The VUDU Performance remap package has had hours and hours of time spent through development and testing using our in house research and development dyno for accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Fiesta MK7 ST.

Not only this we have pushed our VUDU stage 2 fiesta remap kit across multiple disciplines from circuit racing to drag racing along with thousands and thousands of road miles to ensure amazing power and reliability.

Using an alternative decat downpipe to remove the stock catalytic converter and our very own VUDU Performance front mount intercooler we have seen great results with massively reduced charge temperatures ultimately producing better power figures and increased torque figure. The main feature of this package is the VUDU Performance VP245 Fiesta ST Stage 2 remap software. 

Our best Fiesta ST remap for the stock turbo. Unleash the true potential of your modifications with a huge increase in tourqe up to 280Ib and 215 - 220whp still with only ITG air filters induction kit, VUDU Performance front mount intercooler (proven up to 350bhp.) and VUDU Performance decat downpipe needed. These remap figures were achieved with a stock turbo, manifold, cat-back exhaust and hot-side pipe kit.

If you're looking for an increase in turbo chatter we recommend fitting a Turbosmart dump valve.

There’s more to a VUDU Performance ECU remapping than a set of dyno figures. We focus on making the car more rewarding and, dare we say, fun to drive. 

There’s no point in having a power figure to boast about if the car is not enhanced as an overall package. And we think we’ve achieved this. In the real world, this translates to harder acceleration, a stronger mid range and consistent, linear power all the way to the redline.

VUDU Decat vs Cobra Sports Cat

As part of this VP245 tuning package, you have the option of downpipes. The first option is our VUDU Performance Decat Downpipe. This decat is one of our highest selling downpipes we offer, providing the largest power increase over the other two.

This is due to its full removal of the catalyst for a higher flow of air. The downside to this downpipe is that it doesn't comply with the UK emission laws, meaning it will fail you on an MOT. This downpipe is used for off-road cars.

The Cobra Sports cat is very similar in their production and numbers. Unlike the de-cat downpipe, the sports cat has a catalyst on it so you are more likely to pass an MOT (although not all garages will pass it.) The sports cat has an expertly designed catalyst that filters out the emissions while providing a high flow of air. They produce slightly less power than the De-cat, however, this downpipe is road usable.  

Specifically designed to work with an uprated intercooler, ITG intake system, downpipe and Vpower / Tesco 99

Dont want all that hardware?

If you are at the start of your remapping goals then and you don't want to commit to a sports exhaust system, front mount intercooler and other modifications then its worth looking at a stage 1 remap which requires little to no hardware upgrades.

Finance Options Available:

Finance options available from as little as £28.52 per month. When checking out please select the Apply For Finance option where you will be redirected to Duologi's website to put you through one of their finance checks.

Require a Fitting:

Fitting will take around 4 hours to complete, please select the fitting option on the website before contacting the team at AET Motorsport to book in for the VUDU Performance Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package on your Ford Fiesta ST. 

**As part of the fitting option you receive a Dyno run to test the power and performance of your car.**

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