Ford Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 1+ Remap Package- VUDU Performance

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VUDU Performance Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 1+ Remap Package

VUDU Performance and AET Motorsport are proud to bring the VUDU Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package to the Ford Fiesta ST180 MK7 tuning market.

The VUDU Performance Fiesta MK7 ST stage 1 remap has gone through hours of extensive research spent through development and testing on AET Motorsport's very own Dynapack hub dyno. This particular Fiesta Stage 1+ Remap Package arrives complete with the ITG Air Filters Cold Air Induction kit and VUDU tuning tool to flash the Stage 1+ remap to your Ford Fiesta ST180. 

The VUDU Fiesta ST Stage 1+ Tuning Package

Comprising the best tuning hardware and remap software for your Fiesta ST. The VUDU VP230 package gives you outstanding results, blistering performance whilst keeping reliability in mind.

Our state of the art facility and equipment allows us to data-log parameters many software providers are unable to see this gives us a clear and calculated path to follow during the ecu remapping process making sure your Fiesta ST is unstoppable on the road to the race track.

VP230 VUDU Stage 1+ =200-210 WHP (230-235bhp) - 260-270lb-ft

The Stage 1+ map is specifically designed to work with a stock Ford Fiesta ST with an ITG intake system and 99 ron fuel. (preferably Shell V Power or Tesco momentum 99) 


The VUDU Tuning Tool

The VUDU Tuning Tool allows you to flash the Ford Fiesta ST tuning from home via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle and allows you to flash the vehicle back to standard if required. 

Further more you can take your Fiesta ST remap to the next level as our home flash tool allows you to have up to 5 tuning files stored on the device as well as your stock tune should your Fiesta ever go in for warranty work.

The ITG Induction Kit

The ITG Maxogen PRO induction kit is by far the best induction system we have tested on our very own Ford Fiesta ST180 development vehicle. The air filter system allows for the greatest volume of airflow to pass through the system which not only enables peak power figure gains but also improves torque figures and enhances the induction sound of the vehicle.

The VUDU Performance Experience.

When compromise isn't an option. We take what we learn in our racing heritage and apply it to our road going remap packages and this Fiesta remap is no exception countless hours in the R&D cell thousands of road miles to give that true all over curve result the car deserves.

Looking to go bigger?

If your pushing for the bigger numbers for your Fiesta ST stage 2 our VP245 Fiesta Stage 2 software package is out of this world using all VUDU Performance parts coupled with our own software this is a very special kit. If Stage 2 performance still isn't enough to scratch your remapping itch strap in and view our VT330R Fiesta ST stage 3 hybrid turbos package. totally removing the stock turbo and replacing with our purpose built hybrid turbo. making this hot hatch into a super car killer.

Want To Learn More?

Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details regarding the mapping and dyno testing options available at our workshop in Normanton. Our team of expert technicians have plenty of experience working on our very own demonstration vehicles so will have no problem assisting you with any questions that you may have regarding the VUDU Fiesta Stage 1 + Remap Tuning Package.

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