PERON Tuning Stage 1 Remap Software - Ford Fiesta ST Mk8


PERON Tuning Stage 1 Remap Software for the Mk8 Fiesta ST

Take your Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST to the next level with the Stage 1 Remap Software from PERON Tuning!

AET Motorsport take great pride in being able to offer our enthusiastic customers with a range of remapping softwares for a number of make and models...We are now proud to announce the PERON Tuning Stage 1 Remapping Software for the Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 is now available and ready for purchase!

If you're new to the tuning scene and want some extra power from your Mk8 Fiesta ST then this is the tuning software for you with premium power and torque gains achieved from flashing the tuning software alone. See the below results:


188WHP / 216FT/LB



220WHP / 260FT/LB

Obtained from our very own HUB dyno, these results are quite astonishing due to the fact the Mk8 was running no addition hardware to support the tuning. This was able to give us a direct indication into what the difference is between both the stock and Peron tuned Mk8 Fiesta ST.

See the results from the Stage 1 Peron Remapping Software on our very own demonstration Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST model for yourself in the YouTube clip from VUDU Garage below:

See how our very own Fiesta ST Mk8 got on at the Nurburgring:

Want To Learn More?

Please contact our team of Fiesta ST tuning experts at AET Motorsport for any additional information you require regarding flashing and dyno testing the Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Remap Software.

Our very own HUB dyno accurately tests the maximum output of your vehicle with precise results you won't find on a rolling road. Give the team a call to book in for a dyno run at our state of the art workshop facility in West Yorkshire.

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