Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 1 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

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MK8 Fiesta ST Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

The impressive Fiesta ST MK8 with its fruity turbocharged 1.5 EcoBoost engine just got spoiled with performance increases from VUDU Performance. This already punchy supermini can now benefit from our Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 1 Remap enhancing the vehicle's power to an impressive 245bhp. With its responsive turbo offering great acceleration after installing the stage 1 remap it's in a category with much more heavy machinery.

The VUDU Performance stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8 Remap has many unique features including improved exhaust overrun which offers slightly more aggression. Adjusted launch control for better 0-60mph launches and part throttle adjustments to further enhance the driving experience.

Our stage 1 remap software is designed to run with multiple fuel quality modes depending on the user's request at the point of tuning. The pre set fuel quality modes are based on 95ron and 98ron fuel and will have minor adjustments to timing and boost level to compensate depending on which fuel you will be using.

See the below graphs for stock OEM calibration Vs VUDU Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 1

VUDU Stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8 Remap Key Features:-

  • Bespoke Bosch MG1 ECU calibration suited to all SW versions on MK8 ST models
  • Fuel pressure deviation table is unaffected meaning rail pressure loss is treated as a safety feature (many tunes remove this to make peak torque)
  • Up to 245bhp fuel grade depending
  • Enhanced over run and improved launch strategy
  • Optional home flash device

All of our Fiesta ST MK8 remaps have been developed using our state of the art 2000whp dynapack hub dyno in place of a typical rolling road this ensures accuracy and consistency when working on research and development. In this case we invested in our own Fiesta ST MK8 demo car meaning during the creation of our remaps we can test each stage on the road and track to work on overall driving experience. This is vital when producing market leading software solutions.

Fiesta MK8 Stage 1 FAQ

Will this remap affect my warranty?

With Ford using the Bosch MG1 ECU for its MK8 ST platform it has a basic flash counter but will not confirm or deny that the software has been changed. Generally speaking without hardware and with the car flashed back to stock before taking it to Ford you will not have an issue. Please note this is not a guarantee but in most cases the Ford dealer will not VOID warranty if the car is back to stock before the booking.

We offer a back to stock and reflash of your map service for £75+VAT if you are opting for the home flash device this can be done at no cost using your own tool.

Is the remap bad for my engine?

No in this case due to our carefully followed research and development program and ability to test in house this Fiesta ST remap will not do damage to your engine. Using data we build our software remaps to be safe reliable and powerful to an acceptable limit. If other tuning companies are proclaiming better results they are pushing past the safe limit for commercial gain.

Can I tune my car at home?

Yes with the use of our home flash device you can have up to five of the VUDU Performance remaps on the device and flash between the options remotely. These are the same maps as what you would receive if tuned in house on our dyno. The tool also has the ability to read fault codes should you get an EML.

Can I use different fuel grades?

Yes is the short answer you are able to specify a 95ron and 98ron option at the point of tuning however we would recommend only 98ron fuel to take full advantage of this stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8 remap. If you are using our 98ron remap file and have no option but to fill up with 95ron this will need to be driven carefully and not load the engine up. Our knock control strategy remains close to OEM therefore it will take care of the ignition timing however the car should not be used under load or for long durations with the wrong fuel grade.

Flashing my car back to stock

We offer a full back to stock service for £40+VAT when the car is required to be flashed back to stock at our workshop in Wakefield. This completely removes the remap and will install the Ford OEM software meaning the car can be sold as stock. If you have a VUDU home flash device you can flash your stock file back to the car which unlocks the tool and allows you to sell it as an unlocked unit.

Fiesta MK8 Stage 1 Customer testimonial

James Reed

The VUDU Performance Stage 1 remap on my Fiesta ST MK8 was incredible it offers linear power increases everywhere. The throttle control is very precise meaning i can control the car much better and the extra torque from the 3 cylinder turbocharged 1.5 EcoBoost engine is mind blowing i honestly can't believe it pulls as it does for such a small capacity engine. "well done VUDU"

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