Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Stage 2 Remap Software - VUDU Performance


Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 2 Remap - VUDU Performance.

The Fiesta ST MK8 Remaps by VUDU Performance offers a perfect balance between power and useability. Our Stage 2 Fiesta MK8 Remap has been developed over countless hours on our in house hub dyno and a final sign off after almost ten thousand road and race track miles.

With huge increases in power and torque and many added in features to enhance the driving experience from the Fiesta ST MK8 little 1.5 EcoBoost engine we believe VUDU Performance has created the optimum engine calibration enhancing the vehicle in every way to how it should have left the Ford production line.

Fiesta ST MK8 Stage 2 Key Features:-

  • Enhanced Exhaust Overrun (optional decel pops and bangs remap)
  • 265-275bhp With Supporting Mods
  • Improved Launch Control Strategy
  • Temperature Protection
  • Improved Fuel Economy

Our Fiesta MK8 Stage 2 Remap overs the most polished solution increasing performance right across the rev range. There is a list of performance parts required to allow the use of our stage 2 remap.

Please Note our stage 2 is designed for use without upgrading the catalytic converter however this will allow the car to make more power if a decat or sportscat is installed.

All of our development is conducted in house by our team of tuning professionals to ensure the ultimate performance and reliability from all of our Ford Fiesta remap products once our dyno development is completed the car will be used for up to ten thousand road miles to ensure a polished part throttle driving experience.

Tuned in house option is to be installed out our Wakefield garage on our in house dynapack hub dyno. Please order online and one of our customer service team will contact you to arrange a booking date.

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