Ford Fiesta ST180 MK7 Fast Road Kit - VUDU Performance

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The Fast Road Kit Fiesta ST MK7 Remap Kit.

We are proud to offer you the VUDU Performance VP230 performance tuning package for the mighty Ford Fiesta ST MK7. The VUDU VP230 range have had hours and hours of development time to ensure the end product is unrivled in the market. We use our AET Motorsports Dynapack hub dyno for accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Fiesta ST180

The Fiesta ST Stage 1 and 1+ remap are specifically designed to work with a stock Ford Fiesta ST with an ITG intake system and 99 ron fuel. 

The Ultimate kit includes:

  • VUDU Performance VP230 software 
  • VUDU Performance Enamel Badge
  • ITG Maxogen PRO (CAIS) Intake System
  • Dyno run - If fitting is selected
  • VUDU short shift
  • VUDU rear engine mount

 VUDU Rear Mount

The VUDU Rear Engine Mount is designed as a direct replacement for the Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost and the Ford Fiesta ST180.

After trialing a few average Rear Engine Mounts over the years, we decided that we would manufacture one of our own that would outperform the competition. Expertly manufactured from a single piece of aerospace grade T606 billet aluminium with filleted sides to reduce weight, our VUDU Rear Engine Mount looks and fits perfectly on your Ford Fiesta ST180 or Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost. 

After completing the visual aspect of our Rear Engine Mount, we then had to add the correct bushes. We tested various bushes in order to gain the bush that would perform the greatest. The first bushes were a little stiff and caused a little too much vibration, whereas at the other end of the scale, the second bushes we tried were too soft which meant they were comfortable but a little too tame for what we required. After trial and error, we settled on bushes that had the right balance between performance and comfort.

Key Features of the VUDU Rear Engine Mount:


  • Machined out of 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Filleted to Reduce Weight
  • Laser Etched VUDU Logo
  • Reduce Engine Movement
  • Improve Traction and Minimise Wheel Hop


    VUDU Short shift

    The Ford Fiesta ST180 VUDU short shift is the latest installment of our signature VUDU product range.

    These new pieces of kit are not only built and finished in stunning T6061 billet aluminium but are also vigorously tested on our in-house race and road demo cars. This quick shift also carries the iconic VUDU logo and VUDU doll head to help make this as much of a visual accessory as it is a hardware modification.

    This short shift offers not only one but two different adjustable settings both 15% and 25% decreases in the shift throw. This helps to make the ride much more assertive when moving through the gears and a more engaging experience from behind the wheel.

    This Modification is one of ease to fit for all customers. The VUDU short shift will only take approximately 15 minutes to complete the installation and can be carried out with basic tools without the requirement of a ramp.

    With 10 years of motorsport knowledge and experience, we at AET Motorsport have decided to bring our very own range of products to help enhance the Ford Fiesta ST180 from a basic everyday hatchback into an exciting and road hungry hot hatch.

    For maximum performance, we recommend using the top locating hole.

    We have a massive collection of Fiesta ST MK7 products availble in the full collection.

    Contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details with fitting and dyno testing available at our workshop in Normanton.

    T: 01924 228042  |  E:

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