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Fiesta ST Stage 3 Package Upgrade by VUDU Performance.


The ULTIMATE in Fiesta ST tuning is here!!

Transform your Ford Fiesta ST180 with the VUDU Performance Stage 3 Tuning Package. Experience power and torque gains through the roof with the V1 turbo upgrade.

This Fiesta ST tuning package accommodates to whatever stage your car is at, whether it be stock or stage 2. Just select your hardware option from the drop-down menu above. The V1 Hybrid turbo is the centre piece to this entire package, morphing your ecoboost engine car into a truly powerful hot hatch.

The Fiesta ST is already a fun, powerful car but with this tuning package it can rival its bigger brother the Focus ST with the upgraded hybrid turbocharger.

Fiesta ST MK7 Stage 3 Tuning Package = 240WHP-250WHP

The basic package comes with:

  • VUDU V1 Hybrid Turbo
  • VUDU Stage 3 Remap Software

Optional Extras:

  • VUDU Stage 2+ Intercooler
  • ITG Maxogen Intake System
  • VUDU Decat Donwpipe / Cobra Sports-cat

V1 Stage 3 Software

*includes VUDU Programmer only

Specifically designed for a stock Ford Fiesta ST ( 98 RON )

*You must be running Vpower / Tesco 99 

VUDU V1 Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

The highlight of the entire package is the VUDU Super Stock V1 Hybrid Turbo. Developed and produced next door by our sister company, the V1 turbo is an enhanced stock turbo with ported wastegate hole, turbine and compressor wheel upgrade.

The V1 Turbo upgrade is the perfect step up from Stage 2 producing 240WHP and 296lbft. The stock turbo has the turbine and compressor housing CNC machined to fit the larger wheels. The porting of the wastegate hole allows for greater boost control at higher RPM.

VUDU Stage 3 Remap Software

The VUDU Stage 3 software for the V1 Turbo has spent months of extensive testing and research to reach a point of maximum power and performance whilst protecting the longevity of the engine. This ECU calibration can comfortably produce 240-250WHP (285BHP).

This software has been tested on both the road and the track to deliver to perfect blend of fun and reliability all in one package. Our software can either be installed at home using the VUDU Tuning Tool, or in-house on our 4-hub DYNO Cell, where we can actively see how the car is performing and the power output.

To have the car flashed in-house and Dyno tested select the fitting option above.

VUDU Stage 2+ Intercooler

In order to reach Stage 3 you are required to upgrade the intercooler system on the Fiesta ST. We recommend either the VUDU Stage 2+ Intercooler or the Stage 3 AIRTEC Intercooler.

The increase in power means there is an increase in boost pressure. Due to its small size the stock intercooler cannot handle an increase past stage 1, so to combat this we swap out the small intercooler with the VUDU Stage 2+ Intercooler which is designed to efficiently cool the increased boost pressure all the way up to stage 3 comfortably.

The VUDU Stage 2+ intercooler has a frontal surface area increase of 108% over the stock system which allows an increase of 123% I internal flowing volume. Despite its larger size it's tube and fin construction offers fast recovery and lightweight design.

VUDU Decat / Cobra Sports-cat

Whether it's all-out track car or reliable road user, we have the downpipe option to suit you. If you are looking to squeeze every ounce of power from a track build Fiesta ST then we recommend the VUDU Decat downpipe option (This option will not pass an MOT). It's straight flow pipe replaces the restrictive catalyst allowing the gages from the engine to flow freely down the exhaust system. This allows the engine to work more efficiently as it isn't backed up at the cat.

If you are looking for a road-runner that delivers an exciting amount of power we recommend using the Cobra Sports-cat. Unlike the decat the sports cat has a modified catalyst that filters out the emissions produced by the engine whilst still providing a much more free flow than the stock catalyst. (This option will pass an MOT test).

ITG Intake System (Air Filter Upgrade)

In order to get your remap your car past Stage 1 you will need a air intake upgrade. Our top pick for this feat is the ITG Cold Air Intake system. In terms of performance and sound, this air intake is second to none on the market. We have tested hundreds of Fiesta ST's running non ITG filters and have seen everything from EML lights, poor running, and loos of performance.

The ITG Intake is designed to be in the best location in the engine for cold high-pressure air, and has a very short direct path for air flow. This system prevents heat soak in the intercoolers and it has an increased turbo intake noise.

This intake should be your only choice!

We also recommend these Fiesta ST MK7 mods to enhance the performance even more:

The VUDU Tuning Tool:

The VUDU "Home Flash" Tuning Tool allows you to remap the Ford Fiesta ST from home via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle until flashed back to stock where it can then be sold on. The tool also allows the vehicle to be flashed back to standard if required and what's better is all this plus 5 tuning files can be stored on the tool. No emailing back and forth like conventional systems.

Require Fitting?

If you would like us to fit the VUDU V1 Stage 3 Remap Software for the Ford Fiesta ST MK7, get in touch with a team member to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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