Ford Focus MK3 1.0ltr | AIRTEC | Motorsport Induction Kit


ATMSFO72 - Add dynamic style to your engine bay with a simple modification using the Motorsport Induction Kit from AIRTEC for the standard 1.0L 100ps, 125ps and 140ps Ford Focus MK3 EcoBoost.

Experience a more responsive and exciting driving system with induction sound, superb looks, loud turbo recirculation dump valve noise and gains of 5-10bhp with the AIRTEC Induction Kit.

The powder coated alloy heat-shield with 80mm cold feed pipe adds power and torque while removing any unnecessary eyesores with the Induction Kit replacing the original plastic airbox. 

Please note this Induction Kit only fits the facelift push and twist sensor. This kit does not currently fit the pre-facelift screw type MAF sensor.

We recommend adding the Pro Hoses induction hose for added durability and strength compared to the standard. This is available in a range of colours.

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