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VUDU Short Shift for the Ford Puma ST MK2

 VUDU Products are known for producing the highest quality tuning products. The Short shift for the Puma ST MK2 is no exception. 

The Short Shift for the Ford Puma ST MK2 has been designed to cut the shift time down allowing you to change gear faster than ever before turning your Puma into a Cheetah.

Our copyright chamfered face means this product fits the Puma ST perfectly without fouling as per many of the other quick shifts on the market today. This makes for effortless and precise gear changes.

Fiesta ST MK8 Short Shift Key Features:

  • Essential Chamfered  leading edge to ensure no fouling of gearbox and bell housing
  • Aerospace billet machined T6 Aluminium construction with stainless steel bobbin connector
  • Optional 15% & 25% Shortened throw on gear changes using steel bobbin
  • Hard anodised to ensure durability, finished with the prestigious VUDU branding
  • Easy DIY install taking no more the 15 minutes with basic tools

As the Short Shifter fits both the Puma ST MK2 and the Fiesta ST MK8 we were able to see just how well the short shifter could handle. We pushed to the maximum proving completely reliable during road and race track testing including 18 laps of the mighty Nurburgring.

If you want the ultimate Puma ST short shifter for your Fast Ford look no further than this stunning VUDU product.

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