APR Stage 1 - MQB Golf R/Audi S3/Cupra 300

£753.60 inc. VAT £628.00 excl. VAT

APR have spent a great number of years climbing to the very top of the mountain in the tuning world when it comes to the Volkswagen and Audi group.

One of the most popular pieces of APR Software currently available on the market is the Stage 1 Calibration for the MQB platform (Golf R, Audi S3, Leon Cupra R, Octavia VRS, Golf GTI). The Car already being known for its high level of capability will see up to a huge 80/100bhp increase and almost 100ftlb of torque over the stock tuning file.

Performance Comparison 

Stock Figures: 280/290/300bhp – 280ftlb

APR Stage 1: 370/380bhp – 386ftlb

Given the additional power APR also offer the option of a TCU remap - The TCU Map offers an improved level of performance and drive-ability through the already impeccable DSG automatic gear box. This Software upgrade allows you to open up a new door way to your driving experience through slicker transmission changes, custom driver options and many more features which are usually withheld by the manufacture for the higher end RS models.

Under immense wide-open throttle acceleration, the gear changes will be sped up significantly while being coupled with allowing the car to wander higher throughout the rev range before settling back into your day to day driving pattern where you’ll find a smooth and more refined collection of gear changes giving you the ultimate combination of both performance and drive-ability

TCU Key Features:

Faster acceleration through application specific optimised shift points.

Drive and Sport mode shift maps custom tailored to APR’s power upgrades.

 - User adjustable 3-step multi-launch control RPM limits.

 - User definable* max launch control RPM.

 - User definable* manual mode downshifts via the kick-down switch (on/off).

 - User definable* manual mode upshifts at max engine speed (on/off).

 - Manual mode / TT mode paddle response times optimised.

 - Manual mode / TT mode downshift time optimised.

 - Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches.

 - Torque intervention limits raised while retaining critical protection routines.

 - Temperature management optimised.

 - Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport.

 - Downshift “lockout” disabled below previous gear’s max RPM. 

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