Maxton Design Side Skirt Splitters - Audi S1

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Maxton Design Side Skirt Splitters for the Audi S1 (Mk1 2014 - 2018)

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Gain the Maxton Design edge on your Audi S1 with these Side Skirt Splitters! Add a touch of Maxton Design class to your Audi S1 with their very own Side Skirt Splitters. Constructed from the usual ABS plastic material, specifically created for use in the automotive industry, the Side Skirts feature the signature strength and flexibility characteristics you come to expect from Maxton Design.

Maxton Design Part Number:  AU-S1-1-SD1

The Audi S1 Side Skirt Splitters are available in a Gloss Black or Carbon Look finish with the option of having different coloured racing stripes. Please select the options you require from the drop down list.

The Maxton Design Side Skirt Splitters fit the Mk1 Audi S1 (2014 - 2018) models only.

Require A Fitting?

Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for any additional details you require. Our expert technicians can also fit the Maxton Side Skirts to your Audi S1 should you so require. Contact the office to get booked in at your earliest convenience. 

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