Mercedes-Benz A45/CLA45/A35 Stage 1 Tuning Package - VUDU

£499.00 inc. VAT £415.83 excl. VAT

The VUDU Stage 1 Tuning Package for the Mercedes-Benz A45/CLA45/A35 is here!!

The Mercedes-Benz A45/CLA45/A35 Stage 1 Tuning Package is the ultimate tuning package for power, speed, and torque!

We are always looking to expand our range of remaps and tuning packages to cover as many makes and models as we can. The latest addition to the VUDU tuning package collection is for the Mercedes-Benz A45 / CLA45 / A35. 

These cars are already absolute speed queens all boasting well over 300bhp some up to 370+ at stock, but here at AET, we are always trying to take cars to the next level and push the limits of speed and power. 

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