Mintex Racing M series Upgraded Brake Pads - Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

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The Fiesta Ecoboost is prolific for pulling some mind blowing figures from a tiny 1.0ltr 3cyl engine while running only drum brakes on the rear hubs! 

To help offer a slight advantage when trying to bring your punchy 1.0ltr ecoboost to a halt Mintex offer arguably one of the best value pads for money on the market helping to reduce stopping distances while improving the life span of the pads over standard pads.

In addition to offering Cooler braking temperatures, we have seen a greater level of efficiency and longevity from these pads on our very own 1.0ltr demonstration car which has allowed us to see much better performance from the brakes when engaging on spirited driving or even light track use.

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