Mishimoto GT H-Pipe/X-Pipe - Ford Mustang

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Mishimoto GT H-Pipe and X-Pipe for the Ford Mustang

The Mishimoto GT H-Pipe and X-Pipe replaces the stock exhaust system with a high performance aftermarket exhaust system! 

Experience the true Mishimoto difference with the signature quality of the H-Pipe or X-Pipe for the Ford Mustang. Manufactured in only the highest of quality 304 stainless steel material, the mandrel bent construction not only provides the optimal flow for added performance and sound but also provides your Mustang with an excelled appearance you're unlikely to find on other Mustang models you come across. 

Replacing the stock exhaust on the Ford Mustang, the cut and clamp design assists with the aggressive tone you'd expect from a Mishimoto exhaust system. Each H and X-Pipe arrives fully supplied with additional sleeve style exhaust clamps to provide the reliable connection you require when fitting the exhaust system to your Ford Mustang.

What's The Difference In A H-Pipe/X-Pipe for the Ford Mustang?

The first and obvious difference in the pipes is the shape, with each design specifically constructed to allow the heat and gas to flow in a certain way. The X-Pipe produces a louder and raspier exhaust tone that produces that little extra power, whereas the H-Pipe balances the sound passing through the exhaust, producing a growl you'd likely expect from the classic Mustangs.

In short, the H-Pipe maintains the back pressure necessary to increase the torque, we therefore recommend purchasing the H-Pipe if you need a boost in the low end torque range. The X-Pipe however has been designed for the top-end power Mustangs, we recommend purchasing the X-Pipe if you're after that higher end horsepower vehicle. 

See the Mishimoto fitting guide for the GT H-Pipe/X-Pipe Below:

The Mishimoto GT H-Pipe/X-Pipe fits the Ford Mustang 2015 onwards only.

Require a Fitting?

The AET Motorsport technicians have had plenty of experience working on the Ford Mustang so will have no problem in fitting the Mishimoto Pipe to your vehicle should you so require. Please give the office a call to discuss the Mishimoto GT H-Pipe/X-Pipe in more detail and get booked in for a fitting at your earliest convenience. 

Call or Email to discuss: 
T: 01924 228042  |  E: info@aetmotorsport.com

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