PERON Deceleration - Pops & Bangs Addon

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PERON and AET Motorsport are very happy to finally release the Version 2 Deceleration map. This "Decel" map has been designed to induce an audible pop bang and crackle during closed throttle periods whilst the engine is revving high.

not only have we achieved a classy overun crackle but this version of the "decel" map has the added bonus of a hard cut rev limit along with an on-demand single extremely loud pop during gear changes. This can be distinctively heard in the short video below.

PERON is highly regarded for creating the best software available today for the Ford Fiesta ST180 and this deceleration map is no disappointment. We have spent months working alongside the engineers at PERON to ensure we release a perfectly engineered map that is proven not to cause harm to the engine or turbo.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this add-on to customers that are not currently using a DECAT pipe and will not work with the  STOCK CAT or a SPORTS CAT. This is due to the construction of the honeycomb found within the standard cat or even a performance sports cat.

This add on can only be used in conjunction with a PERON tune and cannot be installed on a stock file or any other tuners file. This is exclusive only to PERON Tuning. 

The PERON Programmer

The PERON programmer allows you to flash the Ford Fiesta ST via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle. The vehicle can also be flashed back to standard if required. 

Peron Flash Tuning Guide available HERE.

Require a Fitting?

Please contact AET Motorsport for further details on fitting and dyno testing the PERON Deceleration Pops & Bangs Addon on your Ford Fiesta ST180.

T: 01924 228042  |  E:

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