PERON Stage 1 + Remap Tuning Package - Ford Fiesta ST 180 MK7

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PERON Tuning and AET Motorsport are proud to bring the PERON Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package to the Ford Fiesta ST180 tuning market.

The PERON P2XX / P3XX range has had hours and hours of time spent through development and testing using AET Motorsport's Dynapack hub dyno for accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T. The particular Stage 1+ Tuning Package arrives complete with the ITG Cold Air Intake System and tuning tool to flash the Stage 1+ remap to your Ford Fiesta ST180. 

The PERON Programmer

The PERON programmer allows you to flash the Ford Fiesta ST via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle. The vehicle can also be flashed back to standard if required. 

Peron Flash Tuning Guide available HERE.

The ITG Intake System

The ITG Maxogen PRO intake system is by far the best induction system we have tested on our very own Ford Fiesta ST180 development vehicle. The air filter system allows for the greatest volume of airflow to pass through the system which not only enables peak performance gains but also enhances the induction sound of the vehicle.

The PERON packages

 P2XX Stage 1 =182WHP (200bhp) - 265lb-ft

  • Includes PERON Programmer

Specifically designed for a stock Ford Fiesta ST 

P2XX Stage 1+ =203WHP (230bhp) - 270lb-ft

  • Includes PERON Programmer, 
  • ITG Intake air filter system

Stages 1 and 1+ are specifically designed to work with a stock Ford Fiesta ST with an ITG intake system and 99 ron fuel. 

Kit includes:

  • PERON Flash Programmer USB interface to OBD interface
  • PERON Latest STG1+ 98RON tuning
  • PERON Gel badge 
  • ITG Maxogen PRO (CAIS) Intake System
  • Dyno run  

Ford Fiesta ST | P2XX Stage 1+ | Dyno run 

P2XX Stage 2 =210WHP (240bhp)

  • Includes PERON Programmer
  • PERON Intercooler
  • ITG intake air filter system
  • Dect or Sports cat downpipe
  • 99 ron fuel

Our best remap for the stock turbo. Unleash the true potential of your modifications with a huge 279 ftlb and 203 whp still with only PERON intake, intercooler and down-pipe needed. These were achieved with a standard turbo, manifold, cat-back exhaust and hot-side pipe kit.

Interested in a P2XX Stage 2

PERON Stage 3 V1 =240WHP (270bhp)

  • Includes PERON Programmer
  • Stage 3 intercooler
  • ITG intake system
  • Decat / Sports cat downpipe
  • Turbosmart Bov 
  • PERON V1 hybrid turbo system

This kit is designed to get the maximum power output from the 1.6 EcoBoost engine whilst maintaining stock internal components and reliability.  

PERON Stage 3 VT330r = (330+bhp)

Stage 3 VT330r power = 330bhp + bhp 

  • Includes PERON Programmer
  • Stage 3  intercooler
  • ITG intake system
  • Decat / Sports cat downpipe
  • Turbosmart Bov 
  • VT330r hybrid turbo system

 We are proud to bring you the ultimate in hybrid turbos. The VT330R has been developed in house using our years of experience and knowledge when it comes to turbochargers. The VT330R offers reliability with an OEM feel with none of the additional whistles found on other hybrid turbos. 

Check out the ultimate hybrid turbo VT330R

Listen to the Peron P2XX Stage 1+ in the YouTube Clip below:

Want To Learn More?

Please contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details regarding the fitting and dyno testing options available at our workshop in Normanton. Our team of expert technicians have plenty of experience working on our very own demonstration vehicles so will have no problem assisting you with any questions that you may have regarding the Stage 1 + Remap Tuning Package.

Call or Email to discuss: 
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