PERON Stage 2 Pro Flash Tune - Ford Fiesta ST180

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PERON P2XX Stage 2 Pro Tune Only UPGRADE

Following months of extensive research into STG4 turbocharging for the Fiesta ST Mk7 180/200, we are proud to announce STG2 Pro – the ultimate ECU tune for 1.6T EcoBoost engines running the stock turbo. 
It delivers more power, increased torque and a bigger bang for your buck – like STG2, but turned up to 11! 

Available now as a standalone package or as a reduced cost update to existing PERON customers, we think STG2 Pro represents the ultimate tune for stock turbo Fiesta STs. 

What’s new?
STG2 Pro has been developed to optimise the performance of the Fiesta ST’s stock turbo. To achieve this, our calibration engineers spent many months working on the Bosch ECU, which included advancing the timing, adjusting the air/fuel mix (lambda), adding a hard cut rev limiter and reworking the throttle management for a much-improved response. But they didn’t stop there. STG2 Pro includes additional features designed to improve the driving experience of Ford’s hot ST. 

Left-foot braking
Especially useful for those who like to push their cars on track, it means brakes can be warmed up faster, while trail braking into turns can be utilised to allow better weight transfer; enabling you to refine your line and position the car for the perfect exit. Once perfected, this technique will allow you to really get the most out of the Fiesta’s well-balanced chassis. 

Pops and burbles
A great sound is key to any great driving experience, which is why we’ve worked on making the 1.6T engine sound even better. Our engineers have created mild ‘pops and burbles’, which adds to the excitement, yet is mild enough not to harm sports cats. Please note: our Decel Add-On tune is still available for more aggressive ‘pops and bangs’ for those running a Race de-cat downpipe (for off-road use only).

What's Included?
- PERON Flash Programmer Tool
- PERON STG2 Pro (98RON) Tuning
- PERON Gel Badge

Designed specifically for the Ford Fiesta ST180 as a recalibrated stage 2 tune. 

This upgrade has an increased boost pressure of up to 1.55bar with a small amount of advancement to the ignition timing over the PERON Stage 2 map. Stage 2 Pro will also include a hard cut limiter and enabled left foot braking.

These changes have seen vehicles produce 215whp+ and 278.3lbft

Hardware requirements

  • ITG induction kit / 
  • Stage 2 or 3 intercooler
  • Sports cat or Decat
  • PERON tuning 

Peron Flash Tuning Guide available HERE.

The package

P2XX Stage 2 Pro = 221WHP - 284lbft
Specifically designed to work with an uprated intercooler, ITG intake system, downpipe and Vpower / Tesco 99

PERON Stage 2 Pro dyno graph

 The PERON STG2 Pro ECU tune produces up to 221whp and 284lb/ft when combined with our essential supporting hardware. These figures were achieved using a Dynojet Dyno (24m above sea level), our Demo Fiesta ST Mk7 using 98RON Shell V-Power Nitro fuel and a PERON High Flow Intake System. The ambient air temperature during the test was 19°C 

There’s more to a PERON ECU calibration than a set of dyno figures. We focus on making the car more rewarding and, dare we say, fun to drive. 

There’s no point in having a power figure to boast about if the car is not enhanced as an overall package. And we think we’ve achieved this. In the real world, this translates to harder acceleration, a stronger midrange and consistent, linear power all the way to the redline. Try a PERON STG2 Pro ECU tune, with the essential supporting hardware, and you won’t look back!

Fuel Type
- Our STG2 Pro calibration is designed for 98RON fuel only

Essential supporting hardware

- PERON High Flow Intake System
- PERON Intake Hose
- PERON Cross Over Pipe
- PERON Sports Cat or De-Cat Downpipe
- PERON Performance Intercooler
- Performance 70 - 76.2mm Cat-Back Exhaust System

Please note: Installing the STG2 Pro calibration without the essential supporting hardware list above may result in failure to make the quoted power / torque figures. Power figures may also vary according to ambient temperature, altitude and quality of fuel used.


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