Pro Alloy Intercooler for the Ford Fiesta ST180 Pro Alloy Intercooler for the Ford Fiesta ST180 Pro Alloy Intercooler for the Ford Fiesta ST180

Pro Alloy Competition Spec Intercooler - Ford Fiesta ST180

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Pro Alloy Motorsport specialize in the manufacturing of high performance Alloy Intercoolers. Here we have the Pro Alloy Intercooler for the Ford Fiesta ST180, offering a significant weight advantage, the Pro Alloy Intercooler is strong and fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process which provides your Fiesta ST180 with excellent thermal conductivity and strength.

With tuners pushing the Ford Fiesta ST180 to the limit of its capabilities, Pro Alloy Motorsport have created the Competition Spec Intercooler to keep up with the high power demands, especially those pushed to the limit in race applications.

Weight is a key factor that Pro Alloy Motorsport have taken into account, the standard OE steel bumper bar weighs in at over 8kg whereas the new Pro Alloy kit, including the enormous intercooler weighs in at a mere 12.7kg not far off the OEM bumper bar alone!

The Tube & Fin style competition spec intercooler core offers optimum performance with lightweight seam welded tubes and internally brazed turbulators. This provides your Ford Fiesta ST180 with excellent heat transfer properties and internal flow along with strength characteristics.

Maximizing the ambient airflow passing through the front of the Fiesta is critical. To aid this, the new Pro Alloy intercooler kit is fitted with some comprehensive air ducting on the front to capture as much air as possible heading through the front bumper. This air ducting has been carefully designed to fit snugly to the back of the front bumper, helping to ensure as much airflow as possible is channeled through the intercooler and into the A/C Condenser and water radiator, to help ensure water cooling isn’t compromised.

With over 25 years of experience, the Pro Alloy Motorsport Intercooler is the perfect solution for tuning enthusiasts who want to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. The vast experience that Pro Alloy possess through research and development has seen them produce a number of different applications from pre-war classic cars to some of the finest race and rally cars.

It is often said that the engine manufacturer gets all the credit for the extra performance gains but you're more likely to gain that winning edge from your Ford Fiesta ST180 with a Pro Alloy Intercooler.

The new fabricated bumper bar is the key to fitting an intercooler large enough to do all that is required of it when these cars are running at such high power, especially when being used on track. Generally cars running at this sort of power level are likely to be competition cars, which is why this kit is developed as a track only kit. 

Competition Spec Intercooler key details:

Standard Intercooler Core Details: 

  • 1 off Intercooler @ 690 x 130 x 50mm
  • Single Row Core
  • 8 Live Tubes
  • Core Tube Details = Seam Welded Tube / With brazed Internal Fin
  • External Tube size = 50mm x 9.8mm
  • Internal Tube Size  = 49.4mm x 9.2mm
Pro Alloy Intercooler Core Details:
  •  1 off Intercooler @ 670 x 410 x 62mm
  •  Single Row Core
  •  22 Live Tubes
  •  Core Tube Details  = Seam Welded Tube / With brazed Internal Fin
  •  External Tube size = 62mm x 8mm
  •  Internal Tube Size    = 61.4mm x 7.4mm

Calculated External Surface Area & Internal Flow Comparison: 

  • 210% Increase in external core surface area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Fiesta ST Intercooler.
  • 175% Increase in internal flow area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Fiesta ST Intercooler.

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